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Clay piggy bank crafting
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​Clay piggy crafting in Lai Thieu of Thuan An Town was originated for over half a century. Up to date, although the number of families following this line of production has been lower, the traditional trait of the craft villages remains. Those families staying with the production line are still diligent with the production of clay piggy bank.

The paint scent occupies the atmosphere upon our visit to the handcraft village. Getting further inside, the colorful clay piggy banks overwhelm our vision. The production is in specific areas (villages) but many have switched to other career, making up only 30 producing households scattering around. To compete with plastic products, the craftmen create various kinds of piggy banks in all shapes of duck, golden fish, Doraemon, swan, dove, etc. The products of those villages are for domestic and exportation markets.

Address: Hoa Long Quarter, Lai Thieu Ward, Thuan An Town.​​

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