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Rubber plantation under French domination
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Rubber plantation under French domination is located in Lot 50, Village 14, Tran Van Luu farm, Dinh Hiep commune, Dau Tieng district. This is a province-level historical monument that was recognized on 1st Apr 2009.

After nearly one century, rubber lot 50 of Village 14, Tran Van Luu farm under Dau Tieng Rubber Company is verdant, although on tree trunks retain knife cuts of rubber workers from French colonial period. This place also marked the first plantations established by French colonial in our country in the early twentieth century. Rubber workers  combated severe and cruel bosses, managers from French domination period to the resistance war against the US and won the national independence on 30th Apr 1975.

People in Dau Tieng district never forgets the miserable life of rubber workers under French domination period. Therefore, on 12th Oct 2010, Dau Tieng Rubber Company started the construction of exhibition area of Historical monument Rubber plantation under French domination at            

Dau Tieng peace on earth today, referring to the investigation life wife, Dau Tieng people, especially those who had been the wife of the investigation and their children an unforgettable life miserable wife under French colonial rule. Therefore, on 12/10/2010, the Company Limited Dau Tieng Rubber has started construction of exhibition areas Historic Park under the French rubber in block 50, Village 14, Dinh Hiep commune, Dau Tieng district. This is the oldest rubber batch of systems under the French rubber. Exhibition area consists of 3 parts: The display of relics and pictures of rubber under the French village, the wife of the French investigation and rulers. The building has great significance in terms of history, is evidence of a period of history and is home to many events mark the history of the nation, showing the development of the movement of workers in plantations rubber.


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