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Binh Duong Museum
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Binh Duong Museum is located at No.565, Binh Duong Avenue, Hiep Thanh ward, TDM city.

Covering 2,000 square meters, the museum features 1,300 objects and 500 scientist documents on 8 subjects: Binh Duong's nature, Binh Duong from the prehistoric age to the 16th century, Binh Duong during the reclamation period, ethnic groups' cultural features, Binh Duong during the period of French domination, Binh Duong during the anti-French war, Binh Duong during the anti-American war, Binh Duong on the way of integration and development.

The museum now stores a large volume of historical, cultural and scientific objects, comprising of a pottery collection in Rua island relic, a collection of bronze drums, Phu Chanh relic's weaving devices, a collection of bronze axes, Doc Chua relic's stone axes…Many objects on cultural ethnography like carriages, dug-out canoes, rice grinders, rice mortars…together with collections of Binh Duong's traditional crafts are also on display at the museum.

Besides, there are a lot of large objects on outdoor display like helicopters, tanks, cannons…


Every year, the museum receives a lot of previous objects and documents from units and individuals, making it get plentiful in terms of content. For that reason, it welcomed delegations of pupils in and out of the province over the past time. This is also seen as a cultural address for visitors to enjoy the quintessence of traditional culture of people in Binh Duong.


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