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The Exhibition of Paper, Packaging, Electricity, Energy, and Automation Industry is about to take place in Binh Duong
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​PORTAL - From May 8th to May 10th, 2024, at the Binh Duong World Trade Center Exhibition (WTC Expo), the Viet Nam International Paper and Packaging Exhibition (VPPE 2024), and the 3rd Viet Nam International Exhibition of Electricity, Energy, Industrial Machinery, and Automation (EMA Viet Nam 2024) will take place.

​With a scale of 300 booths, VPPE 2024 has a diverse display area including Paper and pulp, different types of packaging, machinery, equipment, technology, chemicals, and materials for the Paper industry and Packaging industry of nearly 500 brands from countries and territories including Viet Nam, Japan, China, China (Taiwan), South Korea, India, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Italy, etc.

Visitors to VPPE 2024 will learn and experience a series of advanced products and technologies such as Flow control solutions, Industrial automation for the Paper and Pulp Industry, Paper rope, Complete pulp chain, Automated waste sorting and separation machine, Industrial pump, Paper pulp pumps, Digital carton making machine with 3 functions: fold - release – seal, High-speed carton inkjet printer, Digital die-cutting machine, PrecisionCore printhead technology, High-quality printing technology, Flexo printing, Digital printing, PET box with foil pressing, Foil printing and effects processing, 5S exclusive anti-counterfeit technology, Biodegradable food tray, Small, compact, and convenient paper products to carry, etc.

EMA Viet Nam 2024 has a scale of 200 booths with more than 300 brands from countries and territories such as Viet Nam, Singapore, China, South Korea, Japan, the UK, USA, etc., and it is an impressive demonstration of technology in the fields of electricity, energy, industry, and automation.

Those exhibition activities, series of thematic seminars, B2B connection programs, VPPE 2024, and EMA Viet Nam 2024 aim to promote trade connection activities and technology transfer between domestic and foreign businesses in the paper and packaging industry. There will be conditions for businesses to promote their brands, expand markets, and reach potential customers and partners. It will also provide an opportunity for visitors to study new machinery, equipment, and technology.

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