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Di An City loosens activities in "green zones" from September 15, 2021
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​PORTAL - The People's Committee of Di An City has just promulgated a document on loosening measures for Covid-19 prevention and control to gradually restore socio-economic activities.

​​Accordingly, continuing to strictly control the "red zone", "orange zone", loosening the "green zone", "yellow zone" activities, persisting in rapid testing, vaccination, and F0 removal to quickly convert red, orange to yellow, green zones and protect tightly, expanding the "green zone" on the Covid-19 city map.

People are allowed to travel between "green zones" within the city when meeting one of the following conditions: Having received 2 doses of Covid-19 vaccine; having received 1 dose of Covid-19 vaccine 14 days from the date of injection; being F0 receiving treatment from recognized medical facilities and having been cured for no more than 6 months (all circulation cases must carry a certificate or proof on the electronic health book applied on apps, phone software, smart electronic devices). The time allowed to operate is from 05:00 to 20:00.

All cases allowed to circulate must strictly follow 5K measures, wear masks and keep a minimum distance of 2 meters. The elderly, children, and people with underlying medical conditions should not join the circulation unless absolutely necessary.

In "green zones", reopening essential business activities and lines such as: supermarkets, commercial centers, convenience stores, department stores, stationery stores; establishments and points of sale of processed food and beverages (only for take-out). For traditional markets, only Di An market is allowed to open.

The "green zones" within Di An city are loosened the distance. Photo: Tuan Anh

In the "red zone", it is allowed to open essential service business activities and essential service lines in the form of online sales, not selling directly.

For production and business activities, enterprises, production and business establishments are allowed to operate such as: Traffic works, construction, repair, maintenance, credit, banking, enterprise support, posts, telecommunications, electricity, transportation for import and export of goods, medical examination and treatment, funeral, etc. and must strictly implement 5K, maximum capacity not exceeding 30%. Continuing to confirm the plan of production and business activities at enterprises registered for "3 green", "3 on-the-spot", "01 road - 02 locations" outside industrial parks and clusters according to the rate of use employees from 30% or more according to the schedule.

Workers and employees inside and outside the industrial parks traveling by personal means must ensure the conditions of the person who is allowed to travel, and at the same time must present an additional worker's card or a travel certificate (certified by the People's Committee of the ward where the worker resides).

Vehicles allowed to circulate include: Vehicles transporting goods, food and other types with QR code identification; vehicles transporting relief goods, SOS vehicles, voluntary vehicles of organizations and individuals must be granted by the City People's Committee; vehicles transporting relief goods, SOS vehicles, voluntary vehicles of organizations and individuals must be granted by the City People's Committee. Vehicles of forces in charge of pandemic prevention and control, fire prevention and fighting, first aid, medical care, information rescue, technical infrastructure, electricity, water, fuel, funeral, veterinary - food safety quarantine, shuttle bus for workers, employees of enterprises implementing "01 road - 02 locations", transporting supplies, raw materials, serving production, import and export, essential goods are allowed to circulate 24/24. For vehicles that distribute and provide food, foodstuffs, and goods in and out of the "red zone", the driver and assistant driver must provide a Sars-CoV-2 negative test certificate within 72 hours of the test result.

Continuing to stop the operation of establishments dealing in non-essential goods and services, cultural activities, entertainment, festivals, mitting, launching ceremony, park activities, religious activities, beliefs until further notice. Outdoor exercise and sports activities are only allowed in green zones, gathering no more than 10 people, strictly implementing 5K, with a distance of 2m/person.

Maintaining inter-ward checkpoints; checkpoints for exits and entrances to the city, bordering areas, inter-district and inter-provincial traffic routes (with medical force for rapid testing). Maintaining checkpoints that lock down the "red zone", temporary medical quarantine and lockdown area, quarters and residential areas, only people and vehicles allowed by competent authorities can enter and exit the "red zone".

The "green zone" in Di An city includes:

- The entire area of 3 wards: Binh An, Binh Thang, Tan Binh.

- Di An ward: Binh Minh 1, Binh Minh 2, Thang Loi 1, Thang Loi 2, Nhi Dong 2 quarter (except for groups 26, 27, 28), Dong Tan quarter (except for groups 1, 2, 3); Charm plaza apartment building, railway commercial housing area 2 - Thong Nhat 1 quarter.

- An Binh ward: Binh Duong 2 Quarter.

- Tan Dong Hiep Ward: Tan An Quarter (except for Groups 4,6,7), Dong Thanh Quarter (except for Groups 2B, 12B), Dong Tac Quarter (except for Groups 2 and 6).

- Dong Hoa ward: Tan Quy and Tan Lap quarters (except for group 11); groups: 8A, 8B, 11, 13B, 14B - Dong A quarter; groups 3, 4, 10A1, 10B, 11A-1, Dong B quarter, groups 1B, 2B, 4C, 5A, 8C, 9B, 10A, 10B, 13B, Green square area - Tay A quarter; Groups 1, 6 Tay B quarter; groups 3, 7A, 9, 14A, 14B, 15A - Tan Hoa quarter.

The “red zone” includes:

- Di An ward: Thong Nhat 1 quarter (except Charm plaza apartment building, railway commercial housing area 2), Thong Nhat 2; Groups 1, 2, 3, Dong Tan quarter; Nhi Dong 1 quarter; groups 26, 27, 28, Nhi Dong 2 quarter.

- An Binh ward: Binh Duong 1 quarter, Binh Duong 3 quarter, Binh Duong 4 quarter.

- Tan Dong Hiep ward: Dong Chieu, Chieu Lieu, Tan Long quarters; groups 4, 6, 7 Tan An quarter; groups 2B, 12B Dong Thanh quarter; Groups 2, 6 Dong Tac quarter.

- Dong Hoa ward: Group 11 Tan Lap quarter, the remaining groups of quarters: Dong A, Dong B, Tay A, Tay B, Tan Hoa.

Reported by Phuong Chi-Translated by Nguyen Trang

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