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Binh Duong socio-economy continues to stably develop
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BEGIC - In March, at the provincial office, Binh Duong province hosted the 37th session approving the provincial proposed report on socio- economy, defense and security of the first quarter 2013. Provincial Chairman presided at the session.
According to the proposed report, national and provincial economy has recovered gradually in the first quarter 2013, creating the favorable conditions for business operation and manufacturing, Provincial GDP is estimated to gain 7.6%, in which, industry, service and agriculture increased respectively 5.1%, 12.6% and 1.1%.
Industrial production continues to stably develop. In comparison with the same period of 2012, production value attains 29,906 billion VND, increasing by 9.1%; retail and service revenue reaches 19,325 billion VND, rising 18.3%; export turnover gains US$ 2.828 million, up 15.7%.
Provincial budget revenue is estimated to reach 6,000 billion VND, growth of 7%, tax arrears decreases over 20%; total provincial budget expense climbs to 3,500 billion VND, in which, over 35% expending for capital construction. In term of credit, outstanding loans equivalents to 55,754 billion VND, a rise of 12%, in which, the part small and medium sized enterprises accounting 21.5%.

The first quarter 2013, provincial foreign investment attraction of US$ 643 million (Photo: Hoang Pham)
In term of investment attraction: 325 newly registered enterprises and 94 added-capital enterprises with the total capital of 2,910 billion VND; foreign investment capital of US$ 643million including 39 new projects and 45 expanded projects.
Agriculture still develops stably; new high technologies and sciences applied in the husbandry, breeding and urban agriculture achieve the high productivity. Social security and sport, cultural activities are well organized. Unemployment compensation of 43 billion VND were paid to 5,805 people. Education and health care continue to deepen; Politic and social security are maintained.
According to participants, Binh Duong has obtained the comprehensive achievements in all fields in the first of 2013. Provincial authorities focus to direct all levels and branches to effectively implement the Resolution No.1 and Resolution No.2 of the Government. Loan interest in VND has diminuated compared to the last period; currently, annual interest levels are applied from 9 to 12% for short-term and from 14.6 to 16% for medium and long-term to agriculture, exportation in rural regions, small and medium sized enterprises. Exchange rate, inflation, material prices are relatively stable. Human resources are ensured, facilitating for the business operation. Sales/ purchase contracts of enterprises rose 10-20% in comparison with the last period, almost companies has signed contracts for the second quarter 2013, especially large –scale enterprises have purchase contracts till the end of the year.
To close the meeting, Chairman Le Thanh Cung consented to principal results of socio economic development in the first quarter of 2013 as well as objectives and tasks in the second quarter 2013. He emphasized that the key task is still to continue to deploy strictly and effectively the provincial plan following the Government’s Resolutions; focus to apply the solutions facilitating and promoting the business operation. All branches and levels have to review the situation of the first quarter 2013, deploy the effective measures; take the initiative and flexibility in completing the objectives of the second quarter and the whole year of 2013.
Mai Xuan
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