Provincial Party Commitee
Thứ 4, Ngày 12/08/2020, 14:00
Phu Giao District
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12/08/2020 | Nguyen Trang


- Mr. Doan Van Dong

Position: Chairman of People's Committee of Phu Giao District;

- Mrs. Tran Hong Dung
Position: Vice Chairwoman of People's Committee of Phu Giao District;


Quarter 2, Phuoc Vinh townlet, Phu Giao District; 
Tel                   : (+84-274) 3 672 573;
Fax                  : (+84-274) 3 672 578.  

Phu Giao District is located in the north – west of the province, 35 kilometers from the Industry – Urban – Service Complex of Binh Duong (Binh Duong New City Centre) and adjacents to Binh Phuoc Province. 

Favorable climate facilitates long-term industrial and agriculture trees. Economic structure: agriculture – industry, small-sized handicraft –trade and service.   

By the end of 2010, agriculture – industry, small-sized handicraft – trade and service economic structure is recpectively: 44.9% - 30% - 25.1%; agrilcultural and forestry production reached 543

543 billion VND; industry – small-sized handicraft value (fixed price in1994)  attained 680 billion VND.  

- Area: 543.78 km2, population: 90,315 persons, density: 166 persons/ km2 (according to Binh Duong annual statistics book of 2012); 

- 11 Administrative units: 10 communes​ and 1 burgh

     + 10 communes: An Binh, An Linh, An Long, An Thai, Phuoc Hoa, Phuoc Sang, Tan Hiep, Tan Long, Tam Lap, Vinh Hoa;  

     + 01 burgh: Phuoc Vinh.

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