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Ben Cat Town
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- Mr. Huỳnh Văn Nghe

Position: Chairman of Ben Cat People's Committee 

- Mr.  Huynh Thu Lap

Position: Vice Chairman of Ben Cat People's Committee 

- Mrs.  Tran Thi Thao

Position: Vice Chairwoman of Ben Cat People's Committee


Quarter II, My Phuoc ward, Ben Cat town 
Tel:                              (+84-274) 3 564 326;
Fax:                             (+84-274) 3 564 185;

Located in the Southern Key Economic Region, 20km of Thu Dau Mot City, 50 km of Ho Chi Minh City, Ben Cat town is crossed by 6-lane-National Highway 13.

The town  has  non metal minerals including kaolin, clay, brick and tile, red gravel; abundant of ground water, surface water form Sai Gon river and Thi Tinh river.

The climate is favorable. Water and road traffic systems linked to provinces and cities in the region and Ho Chi Minh City.

Ben Cat town has potential advantages over land for industrial and fruit trees as well as for planning industrial clusters and parks which are favorable premises for industrial development.

- Natural area: 23,442.24 ha, population : 203,420 people; 

- Geographic location of Ben Cat town: adjacent to Bac Tan Uyen district and Tan Uyen town in the East, to Ho Chi Minh City in the West, to Thu Dau Mot City in the South, to Bau Bang and Dau Tieng districts in the North.   

-Administrative units: 

+ Wards: My Phuoc, Thoi Hoa, Tan Dinh, Hoa Loi, Chanh Phu Hoa; 

+ Communes: An Tay, An Dien, Phu An.

 (Pursuant to the Resolution No. 136/NQ-CP dated December 29th, 2013 of Government and Decision No. 352/QD-UBND dated February 13th, 2014 of Binh Duong People's Committee)

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