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Department of Finance
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11/09/2020 | Nguyen Trang


(Mr.) Ha Van Ut

Position: Director


(Mr.) Nguyen Ngoc Huan

Position: Deputy Director



(Ms.) Le Thi Thanh Thuy

Position: Deputy Director




Department Secretariat                     :  (+84-274) 3.822.245, 3.822.746, 3.858.277

Division of Investments                    :  (+84-274)3.831.747

Division of Budget                                     :  (+84-274) 3.822.940, 3.831.274

Commune and District Level Division of Budget:  (+84-274) 3.822.241
Division of Finance, Profession and Administration:  (+84-274) 3.822.013

Board of Pricing – Public Properties and Assets:  (+84-274) 3.822.476, 3.822.410

Financial Inspectorate                       : (+84-274) 3.824.249

Division of Corporate Finance                   : (+84-274) 3.826.006, Fax: (+84-274) 3.826.666



Department of Finance is a specialized agency of the Provincial People's Committee with the function of advising, assisting the People's Committee to implement the State management function about finance, State budget; taxes, charges, fees, and other collections of State Budget; assets of State; financial funds of State; financial investment; corporate finance; accountant; independent audit; prices and activities of financial services at local area as legal regulation.


1. Submitting to the provincial People's Committees for decisions and directives on the financial management in the province as stipulated by law and the Government's decentralization.

2. Drafting programs, schedules of long term, 5 years, or every year about financial field as the overall planning, scheme of the local socio-economic development; 

3. Organizing and directing to implement the legal documents, programs, projects, plannings and plans on the financial field; guiding the provincial and financial agencies of districts, towns and communes, wards to organize the implementation of the State's laws, policies, regimes and regulations on finance locality; propaganda, dissemination, legal education and financial information.

4. Submitting to the Provincial People's Committee plan on decentralizing the revenue sources and spending tasks of each local budget level; submitting to the provincial People's Committee to submit to the provincial People's Council for approval the norms of allocating the local budget expenditure estimates, deciding on the regimes of fee collection and contributions of the people as stipulated by the law.

Guiding and organizing to implement the financial - budget disclosure regime, financial management regime, accounting reports as stipulated by the law.

5. Submit to the Provincial People's Committee regulations on tasks and measures of management and administration of the provincial annual budget.

Guiding and inspecting the administrative agencies, public-service units (hereinafter referred collectively to as administrative and non-business agencies) of the province and financial agencies of districts and towns in elaborating annual state budget estimates as stipulated by the Law.

Appraising and take responsibility for the appraisal of budget estimates of agencies, units of the same level and People's Committees of districts and towns.

Make state budget revenue estimates in the area, make local budget revenues and expenditures, set up provincial budget allocation plans, and report to the provincial People's Committee for submission to the provincial People's Council for decision.

6. Reporting to the provincial People's Committee to review and submit to the provincial People's Council for decision on local budget adjustment estimates in case of necessity, proposing budget balancing plans and necessary methods to complete budget revenue and expenditure missions, practising thrift and fighting against embezzlement.

Verifying the allocation of budget estimates to affiliated units of the same level agency as regulated.

7. Combining with revenue agencies in the management of taxes, charges, fees and other revenues in the area.

8. Appraising the settlement of state budget revenues arising in the districts and towns, the settlement of district, town budget revenues and expenditures; appraising and notifying the settlement of administrative agencies, non-business units and other organizations that use the provincial budget and take responsibility for the appraisal results.

Summarizing the situation of state budget revenue and expenditure, making total annual budget settlement of the province, reporting to the provincial People's Committee and submitting to the provincial People's Council for approval and reporting to the Ministry of Finance.

9. Managing authorized funds of the Central, managing local financial reserve fund as regulated by the law.

10. Inspecting and supervising the implementation of budget expenditure and use at provincial agencies and units using the state budget.

11. Requesting the State Treasury to suspend payment as detecting expenditure in excess of estimates, wrong policies or regimes or disobeying reporting and statistical regimes.

12. Combining with Department of Planning and Investment, relevant agencies to consult with Provincial People's Committee on strategy of attracting, mobilizing and using domestic and foreign short-term and long-term investment capital; building policies and methods to coordinate and improve the effectiveness of the use of official development assistance capital (ODA) in the locality.

Assisting the Provincial People's Committee in state management of territorial finance for all ODA programs and projects in the province, including the programs and projects of Ministries, central agencies or other provinces in charge of implementing.

13. Combining with Department of Planning and Investment and other relevant agencies to build estimates and plan for allocation of annual capital construction investment expenditure estimates, presiding and combining with the concerned agencies in allocating other capital sources with nature of annual capital construction investment to submit to the provincial People's Committee for decision.

Participating in investment policy, apprising finance of investment projects managed by the province; participating in bid evaluation for investment projects under competence decided by the provincial People's Committee and other projects in the locality at the request of the investor.

Guiding investors in making annual investment capital plans as regulated by Law on State Budget; combining with the Department of Planning and Investment in submitting to the provincial People's Committee to decide the allocation of investment capital, list of investment projects using provincial budget capital under investment management regulations, building plan of additional adjustment and reconciliation of paid investment capital for investment projects from the local budget.

Reporting to the provincial People's Committee on adjusting the plan of capital allocation in case of necessity.

14. Guiding, directing and inspecting investors in implementing investment plans, repaying loans as committed in credit contracts, receiving and using investment capital, performing investment capital settlement strictly as regulated by the State, solving problems arising in the process of making settlement reports of investment capital.

Guiding and inspecting the verification and approval of the settlement for investment projects decentralized according to regulations.

15. Unifying the management of loans and aid for locality as provided by law. Assisting the provincial People's Committee in issuing bonds and other local loans as regulated by Law on State Budget.

16. Inspecting the implementation of investment capital plans, the management and use of investment capital, settlement of investment capital belonging to the local budget of investors and district and commune financial agencies, the control of payment of investment capital of the State Treasury in province and districts.

17. Verifying investment capital settlement, submitting to the Chairman of the provincial People's Committee for approval (for projects approved by the Chairman of the provincial People's Committee investment capital). Verifying, approving and taking responsibility for approving the settlement of investment projects funded with non-business capital with nature of local construction investment as prescribed.

Presiding the inspection of settlement report of Group A projects financed by the state budget and decided to invest by the Chairman of the provincial People's Committee and submitting to the provincial People's Committee for approval as prescribed by law.

18. Summarizing and analyzing the mobilization and use of investment capital, evaluating the effectiveness of management, use of investment capital, settlement of provincial investment capital, and reporting it to the Ministry of Finance and the provincial People's Committee as specified.

19. Assisting the Provincial People's Committee to direct and manage the activities of local development investment funds.

Inspecting and supervising the local Development Assistance Fund's branches in lending, interest rate support, guarantee, re-guarantee for capital from local budget entrusted by provincial People's Committees to the Branches of Development Assistance Fund for implementation.

20. Assisting the Provincial People's Committee and the Minister of Finance to perform the state management of enterprise finance:

- Guiding to implement policies and regimes of enterprise financial management (State enterprises, other enterprises, cooperatives and cooperative groups), regimes of management, preservation and development of state capital in enterprises; forecasting financial mobilization ability from enterprises in the locality.

- Inspecting the implementation of law on finance and accounting at various types of enterprises in their localities as provided by law.

- Assisting the Provincial People's Committee to manage State owned capital and properties at enterprises established or contributed capital by the province as regulated by law.

- Summarizing, analyzing and evaluating the situation of enterprise's finance in the locality, the management, preservation and development of state capital in enterprises established or contributed by the province, reporting to the provincial People's Committee and Minister of Finance.

21. Guiding the administrative and non-business agencies in the province to implement the regime of state property management; proposing financial methods to ensure effective management and use of natural resources and public properties in the province.

Guiding and inspecting local State organizations and agencies in implementing compensation policies, support for resettlement when the State recovers land, collects land use fees, leases land, contributes capital to joint ventures with the value of land use right.

Receiving, managing, and submitting to the provincial People's Committee to handle or handle under competence for abandoned properties, newly found properties, confiscated properties added to the State fund, non-refundable aid properties when the project is completed and transferred.

Inspecting, handling or submitting to competent authorities to handle problems with state-owned properties at other administrative and non-business agencies as provided by law and guided by the Ministry of Finance.

Managing State properties at associations and semi-public organizations.

Managing and exploiting State properties not yet assigned to organizations or individuals for management and use; managing the financial sources arising in the process of management, exploitation, transfer and handling of State properties.

22. Assisting the Provincial People's Committee to unify the management of price in the province as regulated by law; implementing State policies and methods on prices. Submitting to the Chairman of the provincial People's Committee to decide pricing plan developed by Departments, district, town People's Committees or State enterprises on prices of important properties, goods and services, price of exclusive products, price of land use right transfer, price of clearance compensation as regulated by law.

Combining with relevant agencies to organize price consultations, exclusive price control, anti-dumping, price listing as prescribed by law.

Collecting information, analyzing situation and price fluctuations; reporting market price situation and the implementation of state management of prices in the province as prescribed by the Minister of Finance and the provincial People's Committee.

Presiding and combining with concerned agencies to inspect the implementation of law on prices of organizations and individuals operating in the province; handling or proposing competent agencies to handle law violations on prices as prescribed by the State.

23. Implementing the application of information technology and performing statistics, forecast analysis at financial units in the locality.

Acting as a focal point to manage, orient the construction and deploy information technology applications, support directly technique, and transfer applications to district, city, commune and town financial units.

Acting as a focal point to collect information and data from financial units in the locality, to build a local financial database and provide data information to the Ministry's general database.

24. Guiding, managing and inspecting the performance of financial services, lottery business and entertainment with bets and amusement with rewards as prescribed by law.

25. Directing and providing professional guidance on financial management at district and commune levels.

26. Inspecting finance for administrative and non-business agencies, economic, social - cultural organization, enterprises and citizens under competence; inspecting agencies and organizations under the Department as prescribed by law.

Combining with the Central Financial Inspectorate in performing financial inspection of administrative and non-business enterprises and enterprises under Central management in respective localities as regulated by the Minister of Finance.

Reviewing and settling disputes, complaints and denunciations and handling financial violations as regulated by law.

27. Training and fostering financial and accounting cadres and civil servants in the locality; managing finance, properties, cadres and civil servants of the Department as prescribed.

28. Performing other missions as prescribed by law or as assigned by the Provincial People's Committee.


1. The department has a legal status, particular seal, budget to operate and account at the State Treasury.

2. Promulgating guidelines and inspecting financial management activities for administrative and non-business agencies in provinces, districts and towns as provided by law, the Ministry of Finance and provincial People's Committee.

3. Deciding under competence to implement regimes and policies for cadres and civil servants under the decentralization of cadre management of the province and as regulated by the State on cadre work.

4. Promulgating the operation regulations within internal agency to perform well the assigned missions.

(Functions, missions and rights above issued together with Decision no. 145/2004/QD-UBND dated October 27, 2004 of the Binh Duong Provincial People's Committee)


Floor 2 – Tower A, Provincial Building of Administrative Center, Le Loi Street, Hoa Phu Ward, Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong Province; 

Telephone: (+84-274) 3.822.049; 

Fax          : (+84-274)​ 3.829.423; 
Email       :

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