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From July 1, 2024, only use VneID accounts to perform online public services
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PORTAL – On the morning of May 3, the Prime Minister's Working Group for Administrative Procedure Reform hold a meeting for the fourth session of the Symposium on solutions to converting to using a single account type VneID in performing online public services according to Decree No. 59/2002/ND-CP in Hanoi. Deputy Prime Minister Tran Luu Quang - Head of the Prime Minister's Working Group for Administrative Procedure Reform chaired the meeting.

The meeting was connected online to 63 localities in Viet Nam. At the Binh Duong Bridgepoint, the meeting was attended by Mr. Vo Van Minh – Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee (PPC), Colonel Ta Van Dep - Director of Provincial Public Security, and leaders of departments and branches.


The delegates attended the meeting at Binh Duong Bridgepoint.

According to the Ministry of Public Security, the total number of uses of electronic identity accounts on public service portals to date is more than 29,375,000; the number of logins on the eTax application of the General Department of Taxation is 2,096,499 times; the number of logins on the VssID application of Viet Nam Social Insurance is 10,403,048 times. Total savings for the State are estimated at 469 billion VND.

The Ministry of Public Security has exceeded the target of deploying 12 utilities on VNeID, with more than 1.5 million visits and uses of VNeID utilities daily.

According to Decree No. 59/2022/ND-CP of the Government, from July 1, 2024, citizens only use VNeID electronic identification accounts to register and log in to perform online public services and other utilities on the National Public Service Portal. This requirement was made by the Government in the current context that each user often has many public service accounts issued by different ministries, branches, and localities, causing many inconveniences such as difficulty managing personal information, and having to remember multiple accounts and passwords.

To use the application conveniently and effectively, people need to download the VNeID application on their smartphones. For citizens who have registered documents for identification accounts and electronic authentication, waiting for approval and account issuance, they must carry out procedures for issuance of identification accounts and electronic authentication associated with renewal, new issuance, and re-issuance of chip-embedded ID cards. Citizens carry out procedures for the issuance of identification accounts and electronic authentication when they have a chip-embedded ID card.

During the process of downloading and using the application, if people encounter difficulties, they can contact the nearest locality for instructions on activating their identification account and electronic authentication on the VNeID application.


From July 1, 2024, only use VneID accounts to perform online public services.

Concluding the conference, Deputy Prime Minister Tran Luu Quang requested ministries, branches, and localities to be determined to achieve the goal of unifying the use of one account, VNeID, in carrying out administrative procedures from July 1, 2024, to save time and costs for people, businesses and the State.

The Deputy Prime Minister requested ministries, branches, and localities to strengthen propaganda information that is vivid, easy to understand, and easy to remember on mass media and social networking platforms so that people can clearly understand the benefits and how to use VNeID accounts.

Ministries, branches, and localities would focus on reviewing and perfecting the legal basis and connecting databases and infrastructure to ensure the smooth use of VNeID accounts. They would also establish information channels to exchange and respond to difficulties and problems that arise.

The Deputy Prime Minister directed the Ministry of Information and Communications and network operators to clean mobile subscriber data, ensuring that 100% of SIM cards belong to their owners. At the same time, the Ministry was requested to improve the quality of technical infrastructure.

For localities, it is necessary to focus on infrastructure investment, actively consult and share experiences and good practices of other localities, especially in terms of infrastructure investment and hiring information technology services.​

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