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Necessary to replicate the Party's development model in non-state enterprises
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PORTAL - On the afternoon of April 22, Provincial Party Secretary Nguyen Van Loi surveyed the Party's development in non-state-owned enterprises in the province.

​He was accompanied by Ms. Nguyen Minh Thuy - Member of the Provincial Standing Party Committee, Head of Provincial Party Committee's Organization Committee; Ms. Truong Thi Bich Hanh - Member of the Provincial Standing Party Committee, Head of the Provincial Party Committee's Propaganda and Training Commission; Ms. Nguyen Thi My Hang - Chairwoman of the Provincial Viet Nam Fatherland Front Committee; Mr. Nguyen Van Danh - Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee (PPC); representatives of provincial departments and branches.

The delegation visited and surveyed the Party Cell of Foster Electric Co., Ltd, Viet Nam - Singapore Industrial Park II (VSIP II).


Provincial Party Secretary Nguyen Van Loi and delegates visit the manufacturing factory of Foster Electric Co., Ltd

Reporting to the Delegation, Mr. Tran Hung Dao - Deputy General Director of Foster Electric Co., Ltd., Secretary of the Company Party Cell, said that Foster Electric Co., Ltd. (100% Japanese capital) currently has 04 factories in Viet Nam with 5,000 workers. The factory in Binh Duong province has 700 workers. The Party Cell of Foster Electric (Viet Nam) Co., Ltd in Binh Duong province was established in 2016, as a Party cell under the VSIP Party Committee. The Party cell currently has 09 party members, including 06 official party members and 03 reserve party members.

In the first quarter of 2024, the Party Cell sent 05 elite people to participate in the Party awareness training class organized by the superior Party Committee. In the 2024 plan, the Party cell will develop 02 party members.


Mr. Tran Hung Dao - Deputy General Director of Foster Electric Co., Ltd., Party Cell Secretary reports on the development of party members at the enterprise

Over the past time, the Party Cell has always organized periodic activities according to regulations. At the same time, it led and directed party members to uphold a sense of responsibility, be exemplary, and take the lead in performing professional tasks; advised and proposed enterprise owners to fully fulfill their obligations to the State and regimes and policies for workers at the enterprise.

Outlining the advantages and difficulties in Party development at the enterprise, Mr. Tran Hung Dao said that as a Japanese corporation, establishing a Party cell in the enterprise is not easy. However, after proving the benefits of having a Party organization, the Corporation agreed to establish a Party cell at the enterprise. Since its establishment, the Party cell has contributed very actively to helping the Company always be in the top branches with strong development. The Party cell always pays attention to creating a source of party members, however, the current difficulty in developing party members is that background verification takes a long time because workers change their place of residence. Besides, the ideological awareness of workers who wish to join the Party is still limited.


Provincial Party Secretary Nguyen Van Loi speaks at the meeting with the Party Cell of Foster Electric Co., Ltd.

Talking with the Party Cell of Foster Electric Co., Ltd., Provincial Party Secretary Nguyen Van Loi highly welcomed the Party Cell's efforts in developing party members. The Party cell and each party member have ambitions, ideals, and dedication, and contribute their best to the Party organization and enterprise. The Secretary proposed that in the coming time, the Party Cell will continue to promote the results achieved; continue to pay attention to the work of creating sources for developing party members from workers, gathering the masses, and paying attention to workers' lives. At the same time, he requested the Party Committee of the Provincial Agencies and Enterprises to study and replicate the Party's development model in enterprises; functional branches acting as a bridge connecting foreign enterprise owners with the provincial political system, solving and removing difficulties and obstacles for enterprises, strengthening trust with the Party organization and political system.


The provincial leaders' delegation presents souvenirs to the Party Cell of Foster Electric Co., Ltd.

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