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Province marks 55th anniversary of AO /Dioxin catastrophe in Vietnam
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​BEGIC - Early August 10, provincial Association of Victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin held a ceremony to mark the 55th anniversary of AO /Dioxin catastrophe in Vietnam under the theme of “Joining hands to ease the pain of AO/dioxin”.Attending the ceremony were Tran Thanh Liem, Vice-Chairman of provincial People’s Committee; representatives of some sectors, departments together with 200 AO/dioxin victims in the province.

55 years ago when the US army began spraying the herbicide dioxin in Vietnamese fields and villages resulting in horrifying effects of the chemical until today. From 1961 to 1971, the US forces sprayed over 80 million liters of toxic chemicals throughout parts of Vietnam, including AO/Dioxin. 

Exchanging with the families of AO/Dioxin victims and outstanding units in taking care of AO/Dioxin victims

Addressing the ceremony, Mr.Liem shared the losses and pain with AO/dioxin victims; spoke highly of contributions by provincial Association of Victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin and its branches, praised outstanding officials, members and AO/dioxin victims who surmounted difficulties to rise up. He also suggested sectors, authorities at all levels and mass organizations in the province to speed up propaganda work, raising public awareness of the harmfulness of AO/dioxin; regularly make activities taking care of AO/dioxin victims…

On this occasion, provincial People’s Committee awarded the emulation banner for the best unit of the emulation bloc of provincial Union of Science-Technology Associations to the association. The association also presented the certificates of merit to 42 outstanding collectives and individuals while offering gifts worth VND400,000 each funded by Kim Oanh Real Estate Company to 200 AO/dioxin victims. 

Tran Thanh Liem (first right), Vice-Chairman of provincial People’s Committee awarding the emulation banner to the association

Outstanding collectives, individuals awarded the certificates of merit of the association

Reported by Thien Ly-Translated by Que Chi​

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