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May 2012, Industrial production gained 10,310 billion VND
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BEGIC - May 2012, the value of industrial production of the province was estimated to reach 10,310 billion dong, a rise of 4.3% in comparison with last month and 13.8% with last period. The accumulated value of industrial production reached 47,584 billion VND, in which, domestic economic sector posted an increase of 8.6%, approximately 15,398 billion VND, foreign sector moved up at 11.3%, r...
Export turnover kept the considerable growth, approximately US$ 889 million, 1.6 above its month-earlier level and 16.4 up in comparison with last period. Import turnover recorded the amount of US$ 711 million, rising up 3.6% against April and 15.9% against the last period. Imported products posted a high rate such as: paper 19.4%, mechanics 28.9%, and textile 18.3%, electronic 12.3%...
Consumption price index (CPI) moved up at 0.48% compared to last month and 8.54% to last period, especially transportation, entertainment, tourism, housing, electric, carburant, construction materials, home appliances were the most increased goods.
65 domestic enterprises were newly registered with the capital of 108,710 billion dong; 14 added- capital enterprise with the supplemented capital of 33,440 billion dong. The province attracted foreign investments of more US$319,810 million, in which US$114,300 from 15 new-registered projects and US$205,510 million from 16 added- capital projects.
In May, Binh Duong province offered investment certificates for 04 projects of 4,033 billion VND
The total mobilized capital up to late May approximately 66.774 billion VND, advanced 3.21% in comparison with last month, in which the saving deposits rose 1.5% against last month.
In addition, cultural and sportive activities were organized to celebrate the 37th anniversary of reunification day, the international labor’s day, the 122th birthday of President Ho Chi Minh… The politic security was ensured, sportive and cultural activities were kept safety, prevent promptly the enticing affairs, inciting the unlawful strike.
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