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September 2011- Binh Duong GDP rose 13.7%
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BEGIC - In the first three quarters of 2011, Binh Duong socio-economic continued to develop. GDP increased by 13.7% compared with the same period, in which, industrial and constructional sector gained 9.7%, service sector rose 23.1% and agroforestry sector rose 2.3%.
Binh Duong province has created favorable conditions for business.  Industrial production was estimated at 85,164 billion VND in the first three quarters, up 17.5%% in comparison with the same period; State, non-State and foreign enterprises considerably increased by 9.8%, 17.8% and 17.1% respectively. A number of growth industries such as paper, chemicals, furniture, rubber products ... In the nine months to add 57 new businesses have come into operation, concentrated in garments, footwear, printing...
Domestic trade continued to grow, organizing the campaigns bringing Vietnamese goods to rural area, industrial parks, clusters, residential areas to serve the people and workers. The total revenue from goods retail and services reached 41,366 billion VND, up 29.7%% in comparison with the same period. Consumer price index in September rose 0.32% over the previous month, up 21.5% over the same period. Total revenue from transportation in 9 months was estimated to gain 6,042 billion VND, up 32.9% over the same period.
 Inauguration ceremony of Becamex Tower (Photo: HoangPham)
Export turnover was estimated to gain US$ 6,973 million, increased by 19.2% in comparison with the same period. Currently, there are more than 1,670 enterprises exporting directly their products to 193 countries and territories. Import turnover was estimated to reach US$ 6,161 million, up 27.5% in comparison with the same period. 
Implementation of Resolution No. 11 of the Government, the province has reviewed to eliminate 10%, or 330 billion in total provincial budget, the estimated investment capital total in the first 9 months was 2,045 billion, 62% of the plan year and reached 53.6% of the plan amendment; total allocation made ​​was 2,197 billion VND, 66.5% of the plan year and reached 57.6% plan adjustment.
Domestic investment gained 24,320 billion VND, including 1,329 new registered entrepreneurs with the capital at 17,622 billion VND and 452 supplemented capital companies with the capital of 6,698 billion VND. Foreign investment obtained US$ 736 million, 63 newly-registered projects at US$ 367 million and 89 capital-increased projects at US$ 368 million. Investment in industrial parks attained US$ 691 million in 48 new projects and 72 added capital ones. Until now, Binh Duong province has 2041 projects with total capital of US$ 14.374 billion.
Following the financial policy of the Government, Binh Duong has saved 475 billion VND, in which principal fields fell 10%; regular expenditure in nine months decreased 70 billion VND. New provincial budget estimates 17,000 billion VND reached 81% proposed plan. The total capital gained 54,611, up 36.5% over the same period.
Moreover, social security, education, health was taken interest. The expenditure in 9 months for underprivileged householders and social welfare beneficiaries was 84 billion VND, 51 billion VND for supporting householders to change their job and 17 billion VND for loan with preferential interest; 11 job fairs was organized and introduced 42,128 jobs.
Visiting and offering gifts for underprivileged people (Photo: HoangPham)
 Principal solutions for social economic development
Despite considerable achievements attained in 9 months of 2011, social economic situation remains difficulties: inflation, high price of materials, high loan interest, contractionary monetary policy, challenges in business in despite of the positive elimination of public investment, transport accidents still complex…
In order to overcome difficulties, attain targets in 2011, the Provincial People’s Committee directed all departments and levels to continue to implement comprehensive measures following the Resolution on socio-economic development in 2011 of Binh Duong Committee’s Party and People’s Council: to manage the provincial budget revenue; to focus in creating favorable conditions for enterprises to speed up production and exportation;  to regularly inspect the price stabilization of essential goods in 2011; to continue to implement social security, national programs in professional education and employment; to review   householders needing to newly construct or repair their house of affection under the new provincial standards; to control and mobilize entrepreneurs in the execution of labor code; to implement  the minimum salary policy for employees.
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