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Binh Duong responded to Earth Hour 2013
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BEGIC- In March, Binh Duong Youth Union cooperated with Department of Natural Resources and Environment, Binh Duong Power Corporation held an event to respond to Earth Hour 2013 from 8.30pm to 9.30pm on Nguyen Du street, Phu Cuong ward, Thu Dau Mot city.
Attending the event, there were Mr. Pham Hong Thang – Vice Secretary of Binh Duong Youth Union, leaders of departments, branches, units and about 500 young people, students and citizens living Thu Dau Mot city.
At the event, members of Youth Union, students propagandized, approached departments, enterprises, factories, businesses, households respond to turn off lights and unnecessary electrical appliances from 8.30pm to 9.30pm. Besides, there were other activities against climate change during 365 days.


From 8.30pm to 9.30pm, lights were turned off at six-way crossroads in Thu Dau Mot city for earth hour
At 8.30pm, streetlights on several of the city and districts’ roads were turned off. Factories, businesses, stores, restaurants, hotels, households,…voluntarily switching off lights and unnecessary electrical appliances.

Streetlights on several of Thu Dau Mot city’s roads were turned off to respond to earth hour
Mr Pham Hong Thang – Vice Secretary of Young Union said that “To respond to Earth Hour, Youth Union cooperated with units to hold many activities with slogan “You and I act together” and strived for target of the campaign that mobilized public to save 15000kilowatt for one hour. Besides, Earth Hour 2013 in Binh Duong also had other activities such as “turning off engines of the vehicles while waiting for traffic lights for 25 seconds”; riding bicycles propagandized Earth Hour in the Thu Dau Mot city; setting up voluntary groups delivered fliers to approach public to respond to the campaign by turning off unnecessary electrical appliances for earth hour; designing and decorating the stage with candles, organizing a show to propagandize environmental protection, talking to environmental ambassador.

  “You and I act together”
Mai Xuân
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