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Orientation for local external activities in 2013
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BEGIC – In March, MOFA hold a national video conference with local Foreign Affairs departments about orienting external activities in 2013 with participations of Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Ho Xuan Son and relevant Ministers, Agencies and local governments. In Binh Duong province, People’s Committee Vice Chairman Huynh Van Nhi, leaders of relevant departments and a...

In 2013, global political and economic situation forecasts to continue complicating and unpredictable; strained relation in the East Sea is potential destabilizing to regional security. So, external activities must be proactiveness, flexibility, creativeness and efficiency, following closely the motto of Foreign Affairs Ministry in 2013: “Foreign Affairs in Vietnam, proactive and active in international integration”.
The conferences set out the main duties for foreign affairs in 2013 such as: contributing progressively and unifying on awareness and action of the political and socio system in comprehensive international integration; continuing establishing relations with all nations, especially priority and important partnerships; promoting diplomatic relations with some countries, deploying to implement coordination agreement in all fields.
Vietnam participated actively and effectively at multi bilateral forum of region and international as a member, aim to build an Asian community by 2015; deploy methods to protect nation, sovereignty right, jurisdiction right of Vietnam in the East Sea, continue promoting to complete The Code of Conduct in the East Sea; step up increasing embellish demarcation points with Laos and Cambodia; promoting external activities synchronously and sustainably about economic, culture, propaganda information, citizen protection and Vietnamese oversea; consolidating organization structure, strengthen quality of external officials.
With that orientation, local authorities continue to implement diplomatic policies of the Party and State in the comprehensive and intensive international integration; to improve awareness of the importance about foreign activities in the current period; to update frequently and monitor closely the world’s political and economic situation impacted on Vietnam.
Organizing external activities and cooperation relation on local level, expanding cooperation with neighborhood partnership, North West Asia, ASEAN, developed countries such as America, French, Canada; coordinating with MOFA when deploying activities involve in national border, territory, implementing citizen protection, consul activities with the motto “timely and effectively”; boosting foreign affairs in economic and attracting NGOs aid for economic restructure and stable growth at localities; strengthening and organizing local foreign affairs structure to build the system of local foreign affairs department throughout the country. 
At the conference, the agencies and local authorities agreed with local diplomatic orientation on 2013 set by Ministry of Foreign Affairs. At the same time, proposalled solutions to strengthen administrative management on foreign activities, such as: need to have regulations, sanctions and penalizing in the foreign field; issue unifying regulations on local external management; strengthen foreign specialized inspections. Some localities recommended the policies for fisherman catching offshore; having policies to consolidate organizational structure, human resource, focusing on training professional knowledge and foreign languages in order to enhance the quality and efficiency of local foreign affairs.
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