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Propaganda and Education Department of the Central Communist Party carried out a survey about the Binh Duong labors’ life
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BEGIC – October 4th, at Binh Duong Party’s Committee Hall, Mr. Chu Van Dat, Vice chief of Propaganda and Education Department of the Central Communist Party, had a meeting with the Provincial leaders about the actual situations of the labors’ life in the Binh Duong industrial parks.
There were Mr. Vu Minh Sang, Deputy Secretary of provincial Party Committee, Chairman of Binh Duong People’s Council; Mr. Huynh Van Nhi, Vice Chairman of Binh Duong People’s Committee and leaders of provincial departments attended.
According to the report, Binh Duong has 24 industrial parks in operation with 717,850 workers, among them, female labor force make up estimate 70%, employees from external provinces gained 85%. Labors’ life gradually improved, approximately 65% of labors possessing motorbike, gas stove, television, 70% of labor force owning mobile phone, 13% having refrigerator, 14% using computer and 6% to 8% buying washing machine and air-conditioner.
Employees in traditional games at the ninth VSIP Charity day
The enterprises carried out well the social policies for their employees. According to statistic report, 89.2% of labors registered social insurance and health insurance, 26.3% of workers had employers’ liability insurance (construction and transportation enterprises). The rate of the state companies, joint stock companies, FDI companies and limited companies joined social insurance and health insurance achieved from 90 to 95%.
Besides, many difficulties the employees faced such as accommodation, low-income still cannot compensate for high expenditure. However, some enterprises were not interested in organizing entertrainment, relax facilities for the workers and in creating favorable conditions for them.
Mr. Chu Van Dat, Vice chief of Propaganda and Education Department of the Central Communist Party
 At the meeting, Mr. Chu Van Dat informed the purpose of this official trip to Binh Duong aimed to discover the real situation of Binh Duong labors’ life and collected the ideas and solutions from the provincial leaders and department chiefs to improve employees’ life. The delegation gathered all the information to submit at the National Assembly Session for issuing the new favorable policies for employees.
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