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Conference between Binh Duong People’s Committee Leaders with departments, divisions and People’s Committee at all levels
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BEGIC – Aug 12, Mr. Le Thanh Cung - Chairman of Binh Duong People’s Committee, handled a conference with leaders from all departments, towns and districts to solve some recommendations involving in planning, land clearance compensation, budget allocation and price stabilizatio…
There were Vice Chairmen of Provincial People’s Committee; Mrs. Tran Thi Kim Van - Vice Chairwoman of Binh Duong People’s Council and leaders of related departments and People’s Committees at all levels participated.
In the past time, according to Provincial People’s Committee report, 47 petitions were received from towns and districts People’s Committee, such as 14 ones from Thu Dau Mot town, Thuan An town (10 petitions), Di An town (9 petitions) and Dau Tieng district (14 petitions). 14 departments were assigned to reply these requests.
Besides some claims were replied in documents, at the conference, town and district leaders explained some obstacle petitions, included Thu Dau Mot People’s Committee requested the plan to exchange the place for building Thu Dau Mot town Military board; Phu Giao People’s Committee concerned about DT 741 highway project from Cong Xanh to Phu Giao and Tan Uyen People’s Committee complained about illegal sand exploitation in Dong Nai river…
Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tai - Chairman of Thu Dau Mot People’s Committee, talked about the plan to choose the place for building Thu Dau Mot town Military board
After all the explanations, Mr. Le Thanh Cung annouced that these petitions would be the basis to solve the similar cases in the coming time. He also requested all divisions, departments and district people’s committees to strictly respond the obstacles in planning, building investment and land clearance compensation…in their responsibilities and rights.
Binh Duong People’s Committee Chairman Le Thanh Cung gave speech at the meeting
Mr. Chairman Le Thanh Cung suggested that in the next time, all divisions, departments and town People’s Committee need to recheck the provincial public land area; accelerate the implementation of approved key projects, review the preparation for the new school year 2011 - 2012.
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