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Thứ 7, Ngày 30/01/2021, 13:00
Binh Duong: An emergency meeting for Covid-19 pandemic prevention and control
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30/01/2021 | Nguyen Trang

​PORTAL - Facing the complicated situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, on the morning of January 29, at Binh Duong Administrative Center, Mr. Vo Van Minh - Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Standing Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People's Council chaired the meeting to discuss measures to prevent and control Covid-19 pandemic in the province.

There were Mr. Nguyen Loc Ha - Member of Provincial Standing Committee, Vice Chairman of Provincial People's Committee, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Truc - Vice Chairman of Provincial People's Committee attending the meeting.

Delivering a speech at the meeting, Mr. Nguyen Loc Ha - Member of the Provincial Standing Party Committee, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee said that under the complicated situation of Covid-19 pandemic, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee directed branches, levels, units and localities to strictly implement measures to prevent and fight against Covid-19 pandemic as the direction of the Prime Minister: Do not welcome guests, restrict outsiders to join working system with agencies and units at the Provincial Administrative Center; cadres, civil servants, public employees and people coming back from pandemic regions must complete health declaration and being isolated; postpone unnecessary crowds and meetings. The Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee also asked the units and localities to seriously implement the instructions of the Prime Minister and the Government Telegram and requested the Provincial People's Committee Office to advise and issue specific documents to raise the warning level but not causing confusion and affecting production activities and daily life of the people; Agencies and localities re-enable plans for pandemic prevention and control, respond to new plans and at the same time the health sector needs to issue separate specific guidance documents.

At the meeting, the Department of Health said that from the evening of January 28, 2021, the whole system of Covid-19 pandemic prevention and control in Binh Duong province was activated and raised to the highest level; review to ensure that there is no shortage of medicine and equipment for Covid-19 treatment.

Binh Duong currently has 01 F2 case (exposed to an F1 case of Ho Chi Minh City) which has been quarantined. The Health sector will coordinate to trace, do not miss and raise a higher alert level for cases related to an outbreak or going to the pandemic area. In the case of F1, it must be considered as F0 being brought to the treatment facility and F2 must be upgraded to F1 for testing, etc. If there is a case positive with Covid-19, blockade, social isolation must be performed according to levels. Control all cases coming from pandemic areas as of January 16, 2021.

The Department of Health also proposed plans for Covid-19 prevention and control: The situation is forecasted to last until the end of 2021; control objects at-risk in Binh Duong (arriving and returning from pandemic areas; entering through airports by commercial flights; cross-border entry; completing 14-day quarantine in provinces, cities, continuing to monitor 14 days after returning localities); control the source of infection from outside to the hospital and from the hospital to the community.

The Department of Health also proposed the Steering Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control to urgently issue a directive on Covid-19 pandemic prevention and control based on the local real situation; focus on propaganda; The functional units were assigned to strictly handle the case of not wearing face masks in public. Branches, levels, units and enterprises develop plans to respond to pandemic situations at the workplace; places where people gather, especially the Education sector and the Transport sector. The Public Security, the Army and the authorities at all levels manage the immigration well; mobilize people to participate in reporting if detecting a suspicious case; temporarily suspend transport and tourism activities to Quang Ninh Province and Hai Duong province. Activities of meetings and festivals gathered many people temporarily suspended until the situation stabilized.

IMG_3671.JPG Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Standing Party Committee – Mr. Vo Van Minh concludes the meeting

Delivering a speech to conclude the meeting, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Standing Party Committee – Mr. Vo Van Minh asked to strictly comply with the regulations on not welcoming guests at the Building of the Provincial Administration Center; limit the maximum of meetings; For festivals, depend on the need to decide, it is necessary to have strict measures to prevent and control the pandemic when necessary. State agencies limit the concentration of crowded activities; increase alert levels; start-up preparation to respond to situations; be not subjective; strictly manage people returning from pandemic areas and persons who enter illegally.


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