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Thứ 6, Ngày 09/10/2020, 14:00
Absolutely not be subjective in Covid-19 prevention and control
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09/10/2020 | Nguyen Trang

PORTAL - On the morning of October 3, in Hanoi, the National Steering Committee for Covid-19 prevention and control organized a national online conference (3 levels) on Covid-19 pandemic prevention and control. Deputy Prime Minister- Mr. Vu Duc Dam chaired the conference.

At Binh Duong television broadcast, the attendees were leaders of Department of Health, representatives of provincial departments, boards and branches.

Sharing information about the disease over the world, Acting Minister of Health - Mr. Nguyen Thanh Long emphasized: "No country is confident to have the best disease prevention measures. It is forecasted that this winter will be fierce for countries in the fight against Covid-19". For localities, the risk of infection is always permanent, of which the two biggest risks are from people entering (both illegally and legally), carriers of diseases spreading in the community. Up to now, Vietnam has been steadfast in its solutions to prevent pandemics so far according to 5 principles: Prevent, detect, isolate, localize and suppress pandemics as soon as possible.

Delegates attend at Binh Duong television broadcast

 According to Mr. Nguyen Thanh Long, two issues that need to be paid special attention in the coming time are the management, isolation of people entering the country, and prevention and control of infection in health facilities. Recently, the Ministry of Health has issued isolation guidelines for groups of legal entries.

Less than 14 days isolation and not under centralized isolation is applied to foreign experts and technical workers whose test results are negative for the SARS-CoV-2 virus from 3 to 5 days before entering to Vietnam, continue to test after entry and do periodical test, and at the same time take full measures to prevent and control pandemics.

7-day centralized isolation and 7-day home isolation is applied to foreign experts and technical workers who test negative 3-5 days before entering Vietnam, then the 1st test on the first day of entry, the 2nd test on the 6th or 7th day. If it is still negative results, these people are on home isolation and tested the 3rd time on the 14th day. In cases of other entry without instructions of 14-day centralized isolation, it is still implemented. The isolation fee collection complies with the Prime Minister's regulations. All immigration persons must make a mandatory electronic medical declaration and update their health status daily to the authorities.

In prevention and control of infection at medical facilities of Ministry of Health, Acting Minister – Mr. Nguyen Thanh Long stated clearly the responsibility to the leaders, suspending from leaders' work if cross-contamination occurs in the medical facilities.

At the conference, localities shared their experiences in Covid-19 prevention and control, and at the same time proposed mechanisms and policies for more effective disease prevention and control.

Delivering a speech at the conclusion of conference, Deputy Prime Minister- Mr. Vu Duc Dam emphasized: "The local government absolutely does not allow foreigners to enter the country who are not subject to experts, high-tech workers, not workers of the business in need". Each locality must know how many people enter the locality each day; continuously update health information, resident. Hotels and accommodation establishments for isolated persons must strictly comply with regulations on pandemic prevention and control, update daily information on measures implementation to ensure safety in pandemic prevention and control.

Covid Safe application ( has officially operated and is updated in real time. First of all, hospital facilities, schools will be provided with accounts to update what must be done according to the set of criteria for ensuring safety against pandemics. Degree of safety will be graded. The unsafe facilities will be required to suspend operations.

The Ministry of Health must immediately review the instructions and turn it into a to-do list for all types of activities of medical establishments, education, hotels, factories, state offices, supermarkets. Ministries, branches and localities are responsible for directing affiliated facilities and units in field of management to fully implement safety, pandemic prevention, and updating the Covid Safe App in real time. Any unsafe place definitely does not allow operating and the leaders will be disciplined.

The Deputy Prime Minister noted that a habit of safe coexistence must be formed. The Ministry of Health has set up a program to manage health of the entire population. In coming time, it is necessary to urgently establish firstly for the elderly, people with long-term chronic diseases. Along with the remote medical examination and treatment scheme, the health sector must develop a registration system of remote medical examination and treatment.

Deputy Prime Minister said: "Implementing the dual goal must be absolutely safe because if pandemic occurs, all efforts in economic development will be severely affected. Subjective thinking, neglect occur somewhere not only in society but also in state agencies. We have learned lessons from Da Nang and it had better not let that lesson become meaningless".

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