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Thứ 4, Ngày 19/08/2020, 09:00
Binh Duong promotes the implementation of Bluezone app
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19/08/2020 | Nguyen Trang

​BEGIC - Faced with complicated developments in the Covid-19 pandemic, the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Information and Communications, Binh Duong Provincial People's Committee have drastically directed the installation of Bluezone app. The Provincial Portal (PP) interviewed Mr. Lai Xuan Thanh - Director of Department of Information and Communications about this issue.

The PP: Could you please tell us the meaning and effect of installing Bluezone app in the current context?

Mr. Lai Xuan Thanh: Facing the complicated development of the Covid-19 pandemic, the installation of Bluezone app on a personal smart phone is very necessary to warn the risk of Covid-19 infection, protect yourself and your family, and help in timely detecting, tracing and zoning, minimizing the risk of spreading in the community actively. This app has the function to automatically statistic and record the contact between people who have Bluezone installed through a low-energy Bluetooth connection (consumes less than 10% of battery capacity/day). Contact history in Bluezone app will show who you are in contact with and when. Two people are determined by Bluezone to be in contact if they both have the Bluezone app installed and enabled on their smartphones. The application defines close contact as having two people together for a long enough time for the virus to infect. All the above information is stored in code that is stored directly on the user's device in accordance with the principles of security, anonymity and transparency.

The PP: Sir, how to install Bluezone app?

Mr. Lai Xuan Thanh: To install Bluezone app, users access the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) and find the software called Bluezone implemented by the Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Information and Communications (note that there is Bluzone app with same name but no similar functionality), then press download and install to the device. After completing the installation, users need to give the app access to receive alerts from Bluezone. Once authorized, the app will automatically turn on Bluetooth connectivity to recorgnize contact with other users in the same Bluezone community. For Bluezone to work properly, your phone must always have Bluetooth turned on. However, Bluezone uses Bluetooth BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology with low energy to save battery power, so users can be completely assured of using it.

The PP: As the presiding unit, how has the Department of Information and Communications deployed the installation of Bluezone app in the province, sir?

Mr. Lai Xuan Thanh: Determining that the implementation of Bluezone app installation is very urgent in the Covid-19 pandemic prevention and control, the Department has participated in the online video conference for deployment of Bluezone which was held by the Ministry of Information and Communications. The Conference for deployment and guidance has the participation of staff in charge of information technology at departments, branches, reporters of Binh Duong Newspaper, Binh Duong Radio and Television Station, provincial Portal, etc. and is transferred signals to the People's Committee of districts and communes to collect information and implement.

The guidance for smartphone users to install Bluezone app is also done on the Provincial Portal and Zalo Binh Duong SmartCity app; sending civil service Emails to all civil servants and officials of the province to request to install Bluezone app and guide their relatives to install this app. In addition, the Department also cooperated closely with the Authority of Information Technology Application, the Authority of Telecommunications, the Authority of Grassroots Information - Ministry of Information and Communications to propagate and handle issues related to Bluezone app, broadcast Audio, Video clips to propagate about Bluezone app on radio and television program channels, give priority to popular time frames (such as early news, news programs) and time frame with advertisement; running the words "Prime Minister suggests people install Bluezone app" at the bottom of the screen in news programs. Posting and launching viral media campaigns on electronic information sites, digital platforms, social networks of Radio and Television Station, and television operating units (Fanpage, application - app, etc.).

Up to now, Binh Duong is one of 07 provinces and cities leading the installation of Bluezone app. I believe that with the response to the installation of Bluezone app by a large number of civil servants, officials and people from all strata in the province, it will actively contribute to the Covid-19 pandemic prevention and control in Binh Duong.

Sincerely thank you! ​

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