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Tan Binh industrial Park
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1. Information about the investor


Address: Tan Binh Commune, North Tan Uyen District, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam

Tel: (0274) - 6 566 668/3 687 888 - Fax: (0274) - 3.687.888

Email: - Website:

- Three major shareholders:

+ Phuoc Hoa Rubber Joint Stock Company: 80%

+ South Tan Uyen Industrial Park Joint Stock Company: 15%

+ Duc Vietnam Ltd. Company: 5%

- Date of establishment: Jul 9, 2012.

2. Legal documents:

- Document No. 1158/TTg-KTN of the Prime Minister dated Jul 8, 2010 on adding Tan Binh Industrial Park - Binh Duong Province to the planning of industrial park development in Vietnam.

- Decision No. 252/QD-UBND of Binh Duong Provincial People's Committee dated Feb 2, 2012 on approving the detailed plan of Tan Binh Industrial Park in Tan Binh Commune, North Tan Uyen District, Binh Duong Province.

- Certificate of business registration Joint Stock Company No. 3702068452 issued by Binh Duong Provincial Department of Planning and Investment the first change on Aug 6, 2013;

- Investment Certificate No. 46221001014 by Binh Duong Provincial Management Board of Industrial Parks first time on Sep 12, 2013.

3. Scopes of operation: Investment, construction and trading of technical infrastructure of industrial parks; accommodation, leasing of offices, factories, warehouses, wharves ...

4. Information about the industrial park

Total investment: Over VND830 billion (about $40 million)

Total area: 352.5 ha (3,525,000 m2)

Land use structure:


Type of land

Area (ha)

Percentage (%)

Land for construction of industrial enterprises



Land for operating works and other services



Key works



Traffic land



Green land






* Advantages of the industrial park:

- Being located in the area of ​​preferential corporate income tax rates (exemption in the first 2 years, 50% tax reduce in the next 4 years);

- Favorable geographical location;

- Abundant raw materials from rubber trees (latex, wood, ...) offered by Phuoc Hoa Rubber Joint Stock Company and small plantations;

- Many preferential policies of land sublease for first investors and flexible payment schedules;

- Land can be handed over immediately to investors without problems of land clearance and compensation;

- Effective business environment: synchronous complete infrastructure, durable foundation (capacity of 1.6 - 2.0kg/cm2), waste water treatment plants, power plants, clean water plants etc;

- Support of local authorities; supported licensing procedure;

- Abundant labor force.

* The industrial park receives clean industrial sectors with less pollution rate:

- Processing of agricultural and forestry products, especially rubber products, such as rubber tires, auto parts, motorcycles, home appliances, plastics, ...;

- Manufacture of furniture, especially from rubber wood;

- Industries serving agricultural development, mechanical engineering, farm machinery and equipment, fertilizers, ...;

- Production of consumer goods for domestic consumption and exports, such as garments, electronic products, home appliances, all kinds of packaging ...;

- Production of building materials: interior decorative items, building materials, structural frames, roofing, cover sheets...;

- Manufacture of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, ...;

- Processing of food, flavoring, chemicals, ...

* Products for lease:

- Complete infrastructure, which is ready to serve the construction of plants.

- Available or on-demand standardized plants.

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