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Survey of labor law implementation in Binh Duong province and suggestion for Labor Code draft (amended)
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BEGIC - August 31, at the Binh Duong People’s Committee’s office, Binh Duong People’s Committee’s Vice Chairman Huynh Van Nhi has a reception and workshop with Vice Chairman of Committee for social affairs Bui Si Loi leaded the survey delegation in Labor Code implementation and to get suggestions on the concerned informations in the Labor Code draft (amended).
Vice Head of Provincial Parliament Delegation Huynh Ngoc Dang, Standing People’s Committee and related departments representatives attended.
At the event, the participants were informed the code labor implementation report of Binh Duong province in 2010 and the first 6 months of 2011 and department suggestions in the draft of Labor Code (amended) of National Assembly.
According to the report, untill June 2011, Binh Duong province has been the home of 13,216 enregistered enterprises and 744,158 employees. Provincial enterprises respect well the regulation on job and labor contract, wages, working time, resting time, labor norms, salary policy and unemployment insurance.
Binh Duong is the home of 744,158 employees (Photo: HoangPham)
The draft of Labor Code (amended) composes 17 chapters, 277 articles, among them 52 articles are kept, 157 articles are amended and 68 articles are supplemented. It remains different opinions in the construction of Labor Code (amended) draft: employee representatives have not yet established their trade union organization; collective labor agreement; extra work, representative organisation of employees, labor dispute and strike; maternal leave, gender equality and retire age.
Most of participants agree: maternity leave to raise from 4 to 6 months following to the recommendation of World Health Organization; to avoid the contrary with extra working time, it must clearly define incomplete day, week and month labor contracts; the collective labor agreement unnecessary to be approved by concerned institutions; overtime regulations of 200 hours per year to be kept; strike process of workers to adequately change…
At the workshop, Vice - Chairman Huynh Van Nhi suggested National Assembly to suitably adjust unemployment insurance time; retirement age of scientist to regulate in detail; maternity leave for female labor to be 6 months, extra working to be kept because it is appropriate with the current social trend.
On behalf of the delegation, Mr. Bui Si Loi received suggestions from Binh Duong departments to perfect the Labor Code draft (amended). According to him, the current Labor Code will be completely and appropriately amended with construction spirit of the advanced and harmonious labor relation.
Mai Xuan
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