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Chairman of Provincial People’s Committee Nguyen Hoang Son received the delegation of Kumho Tires Vietnam Company
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BEGIC - February 08, Chairman of Provincial People’s Committee Mr. Nguyen Hoang Son welcomed Mr Doh Zong Chung, General Director of Kumho Tires Vietnam Company on the occasion of traditional Lunar New Year.
Kumho Tires Vietnam Company is a subsidiary of Kumho Tires Holdings (Korean) whose headquarter in Seoul, Korea. Kumho Tires had started its tire business since 1960, during 50 years of development, Kumho Tires has become a multi-national holding. It has entered USA, Britain, Turkey, Vietnam, etc.
Inspite of global economic crisis, Kumho Tires Vietnam has achieved its target, reaching the turnover of USD 90 millions in 2009, manufacturing more than 2,7 million tires and maintaining the stock of 100 – 200 thousands of tires in case of unexpected orders from customers.
On the occasion of traditional Tet of Vietnam and on behalf of Provincial leaders, Chairman Nguyen Hoang Son would like to wish the company’s leaders and staff a happy and prosperous year.
Hoang Pham
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