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Thứ 3, Ngày 28/04/2020, 17:00
Binh Duong continues to strengthen the Covid-19 prevention and control in the new situation
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BEGIC - ​The Provincial People's Committee issued an Express Dispatch on strengthening the Covid-19 prevention and control in the new situation. This Official Dispatch replaces the Dispatch No. 1972/UBND-VX dated April 23, 2020 of the Provincial People's Committee.​

Accordingly, facilitate the circulation of goods, production, business and services, but must ensure that the pandemic control measures correspond to the levels of risk of disease transmission; the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee requests the Director, Heads of departments, agencies, the Chairman of the People's Committees of districts, towns and cities and relevant units based on the pandemic situation and the actual situation of each unit, locality to effectively study and implement the content of direction of the Prime Minister in the Directive: No. 05/CT-TTg of January 28, 2020, No. 06/CT-TTg of January 31, 2020, No. 10/CT-TTg of February 25, 2020, No.11/ CT-TTg of March 4, 2020 2020, No. 13/CT-TTg dated March 11, 2020 and No.15/CT-TTg dated March 27, 2020 to gradually loosen measures to restrict and restore socio-economic activities and guide the directions of the ministries, central branches, the provincial Party Committee and the provincial People's Committee.

From April 23, 2020 to the end of May 3, 2020, heads of administrations at all levels continue to suspend the meeting, gathering over 30 people; stop all religious services; prohibit gathering of more than 30 people outside offices, schools, and hospitals; request to make a minimum distance of 02m between people and people in public places; business, workshops, manufacturing plants must ensure a safe distance, wear masks, disinfect according to the Health Ministry's recommendations on Covid-19 prevention and control; continue to close unnecessary services (Massage, gym, yoga, karaoke, discos, game rooms, movie shows, beauty facilities, physical training and sports activities etc.); warn people not to leave home when they are not needed, wash hands regularly, make habit of wearing masks in public places, even on public transport; limiting crowding in public places; People who show signs of illness or fever should stay home, do not go to work, agencies, schools, public places, regularly contact hospitals, doctors for advice and follow instructions.

Agencies, units and localities in the province continue to organize and arrange cadres, civil servants, officials and employees to work at state agencies in the situation of pandemic in accordance with the spirit of Official Dispatch No.1430/UBND-NC dated March 27, 2020 of the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, until there is a new direction.

Heads of the party committees and local authorities shall base themselves on the practical situation of their locality to continue to organize the Party Congress at all levels and important political events in the province in the spirit of Official Dispatch No. 2916-CV/TU of April 22, 2020 of the Provincial Party Committee.

All levels and branches must not be subjective and neglect in the disease prevention and control; continue to enhance the propaganda and information to each people with specific, practical, appropriate and effective content so that people always uphold the initiative and sense of responsibility among the people in order to realize implement measures to prevent and protect ourselves and the community, especially encouraging people to participate in using the application, voluntarily making NCOVI public health reports and reporting information related to disease on software under the direction of competent agencies (at or, at the same time actively support the functional forces to fulfill their assigned tasks. Besides, it is necessary to regularly strengthen the inspection and supervision of the observance of these regulations and strictly handle cases of non-compliance, violations, misrepresentation and untrue news; At the same time, do not overly impose administrative management measures, which restricting essential activities related to people and inhibiting the local socio-economic activities.

The Department of Education and Training shall coordinate with the Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, the People's Committees of districts, towns and cities and relevant units based on the directions of the Central Government, the situation of Covid-19 disease in order to decide to allow students in the province to go back to school from May 4, 2020; continue to enhance the application of information technology in direction, administration, teaching and learning; at the same time, properly guide the conditions to ensure the safety of students returning to school and handle ca​ses of suspected Covid-19 in schools in Official Dispatch No.1398/BGDĐT-GDTC of April 23, 2020 of Ministry of Education and Training.

The Department of Transport shall base on the guidance of the Ministry of Transport in Official Dispatch No.3864/BGTVT-VT of April 22, 2020 on the implementation of the Prime Minister's direction at the Government's Standing Committee on Covid-19prevention and control on April 22, 2020 to organize the implementation accordingly.

The Provincial Public Security shall assume the prime responsibility and coordinate with the concerned units in strengthening the patrol and supervision work and continue promoting the crackdown on criminals to ensure national defense, social order and safety in the province (promptly prevent and strictly handle cases of illegal racing, gathering people causing disorder in public places etc.).

The Department of Health shall take the initiative in coordinating with the concerned departments to continue perfecting the disease prevention plans and scenarios at all levels to suit the new situation; urgently coordinate relevant units to purchase equipment, medicines, medical supplies etc. and prepare human resources to serve the Covid-19 prevention and control in a timely manner; suitable and feasible with each local level; direct facilities to be prepared for treatment of Covid-19 disease and prepare additional hospitals in case an disease occurs at a higher level.

The Provincial Military Command shall assume the prime responsibility and coordinate with the Health Services and the People's Committees of the districts, towns and cities in reviewing and selecting material facilities in the locality to formulate plans to establish a concentrated isolation area to suit the new situation and meet the targets assigned by the Military Region 7 Command to quarantine suspected Covid-19 cases under the direction of the competent authorities; at the same time ensure all necessary conditions for the timely management and operation of this quarantine area according to regulations in an appropriate and effective manner.

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