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Thứ 3, Ngày 07/04/2020, 16:00
Binh Duong implements urgent measures to prevent and combat COVID-19 pandemic
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BEGIC - ​Following the direction of the Prime Minister, the People's Committee of Binh Duong Province has issued an express dispatch on the implementation of urgent measures to prevent and control Covid-19.

Accordingly, implementing social isolation within 15 days from 0:00 on April 1st, 2020 in the province on the principle of isolating families with families, groups with teams, quarters with quarters, hamlets and hamlets, commune with commune, districts with districts, manufacturing plants must ensure a safe distance, wear masks, perform disinfection and sterilization according to regulations.

Asking people to stay at home, only going out in case of necessity such as: Buy food, foodstuff, medicine, emergency, work at factories, production facilities, essential service and goods trading establishments are not closed, operated and other emergencies; strictly observe the minimum distance of 2m when communicating; do not focus more than 02 people outside the workplace, schools, hospitals and in public places.

Departments, agencies, branches, unions, public non-business units, Chairmen of People's Committees of rural districts, towns, cities and communes, wards and townships in the province shall organize the arrangement of cadres, civil servants, public employees and laborers working alternately, minimize the number of people working at the headquarters and perform online work at home, especially for agencies and units working at the Provincial Administration Center Building. The head is responsible for the infection of officials and employees because of not strictly observing the regulations on disease prevention and control at the workplace.

For agencies in the Health sector, armed forces, public service units, essential services and forces involved in disease prevention and control in the province, arrange personnel to work properly based on the actual situation, to ensure the requirements of assigned tasks.

Heads of agencies, units and Chairmen of People's Committees of districts, towns and cities are responsible for directing, arranging and assigning tasks for officials, public servants and employees under their management, ensure the successful completion of assigned tasks, without affecting the schedule, quality and work efficiency. Cadres, civil servants, employees and workers who are arranged to work at home must ensure the completion of the assigned work, proactively using information technology means to conduct online exchanges with relevant agencies, units and individuals in the course of settling jobs.

The Transport Sector shall assume the prime responsibility and coordinate with the units and localities in directing the basic stop of public passenger transport activities. Minimize the movement from one locality to another; stop moving from disease areas to other localities, except for special cases for official reasons and cases of provision of necessary food, foodstuffs, necessities, shuttle workers, experts of the business, transporting production materials. All levels and sectors must promote information dissemination (rich in content, diversified in form) on prevention and control to individuals and organizations (go each street, knock each house), especially encourage people to participate in the application, voluntarily declare NCOVI's universal health and reflect disease-related information on software under the direction of the competent authority (at or; at the same time, strengthening the inspection and supervision of the observance of these regulations and strictly handling cases of non-observance, violations, misrepresentation and untrue news.

The Industry and Trade Industry shall assume the prime responsibility and coordinate with units and localities to proactively controlling the situation of pandemic changes in the province and the Central Government's guidance to advise and propose to the provincial leaders to promptly direct relevant contents, appropriately and effectively ensuring the supply of essential consumer goods, stabilizing prices of commodities, especially those related to disease prevention, promptly detect and strictly handle cases of taking advantage of the disease situation to violate law provisions; not to let the situation of hoarding goods, increase prices, destabilize the market etc. during this time.

All levels and branches from the provincial to grassroots levels must continue to strengthen the inspection and supervision of the observance of the above regulations, superiors must regularly urge and remind their subordinates to strictly implement and strictly handle cases of non-observance and violations in order to strictly control disease movements in order to avoid complicating the situation, minimize the risk of cross-infection in the local community. Heads of committees, units and localities must uphold the sense of responsibility, must not be neglected, subjective and fully responsible for performing the assigned tasks; Social security and order must be ensured in their respective localities.​

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