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Binh Duong removes difficulties for production and business, ensuring social security to cope with COVID-19 epidemic
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​BEGIC - Binh Duong People's Committee has just issued an Action Plan to remove difficulties for production and business, ensure social security in response to COVID-19 epidemic.

Accordingly, the specific solutions and tasks are as follows:

1. Removing difficulties and facilitating access to capital, credit, finance, taxes, commerce and electronic payment

a) The State Bank of Viet Nam - Binh Duong branch:

- Direct credit institutions in the province to strictly implement measures to support and remove difficulties for businesses affected by acute respiratory infection caused by COVID-19 virus according to Official Letter No.1117/ NHNN-TD of February 24, 2020 of the State Bank of Viet Nam.

- Timely direct and guide balanced credit institutions to fully and promptly meet capital demands for production and business activities; accelerate administrative procedure reform, shorten the time to review loan applications, improve access to loans of customers; promptly apply supportive measures such as rescheduling, paying interest rate reduction, keeping the debt group, reducing fees etc. for customers who are in difficulties due to the impact of COVID-19 epidemic.

- Continue to implement solutions to promote non-cash payment; electronic payment service exemption and reduction programs to provide direct support to service users, especially online payment for public administrative services.

b) The Department of Finance shall advise the competent authorities to promptly implement measures and policies of the Central Government, the Ministry of Finance shall promulgate in support of enterprises, remove difficulties for production and business, especially policies on tax and fee exemption and reduction; at the same time, coordinate with the concerned agencies to advise the competent authorities on the plan of reduction of fees and charges within the provincial authority in order to remove difficulties for those affected by COVID-19 epidemic.

c) The provincial Social Insurance shall assume the prime responsibility and coordinate with the concerned agencies in guiding the suspension of payment of social insurance for those affected by COVID-19 epidemic and not counting interest on late payment penalties according to its competence and law provisions.

d) Propose the Provincial Labor Federation according to its competence to consider and guide the appropriate time of payment of trade union funds, contributing to solving difficulties for enterprises and organizations affected by the COVID-19 epidemic.

2. Reviewing and cutting administrative procedures and costs for enterprises:

a) The provincial Tax Department and the provincial Customs Department shall consider not organizing periodic inspections in 2020 for enterprises showing no signs of violation to create conditions for enterprises to concentrate on solving difficulties and maintain production and business activities; At the same time, do not let businesses abuse this policy.

b) Inspectors of departments, branches, districts, towns and cities shall strictly obey Directive No.20/ CT-TTg dated May 17, 2017 of the Prime Minister, no inspection outside the plan, except for special cases assigned.

c) Departments, committees, branches and People's Committees of districts, towns and cities:

- Within the scope and field of management, reviewing and proposing plans for reduction of fees and charges within the provincial authority to those affected by the epidemic, or propose measures to reduce fees and charges within the authority of the Central Government, report to the provincial People's Committee for propose the Ministry of Finance.

- Focus on restructuring professional administrative procedures at levels 3 and 4 in the direction of sharply reducing costs and creating favorable conditions for people and businesses.

d) The provincial post office shall consider to reducing the maximum fee for businesses, so that enterprises can promote sending and receiving dossiers through public postal services.

3. Facilitating production and business, promoting import and export:

a) Department of Industry and Trade:

- Lead and coordinate with relevant agencies to review the situation and demand of input materials, propose solutions to diversify and ensure sufficient supply for production activities in the province; demand forecast of domestic and international market; take measures to ensure raw materials for production and business and plans to organize production, distribution, circulation and supply of goods to meet consumer demand; consolidate the domestic market, support to remove difficulties for retail activities.

- Take measures to boost exports, improve the effectiveness of trade promotion, diversify import and export markets and find new markets; actively exploit opportunities of free trade agreements (FTAs); prepare necessary conditions, proactively deploy plans and solutions to export goods to the EU market after the EVFTA Agreement takes effect (from mid-2020).

- Well implemented Plan 649/KH-UBND and Plan No.690/KH-UBND dated February 20, 2020 of the Provincial People's Committee on stabilizing the essential commodity market in 2020 and storage of essential goods to respond to COVID-19 acute respiratory infections in the province; not to let fake scarcity of goods happen, support businesses participating in stabilizing sales activities at the registered places and arrange more points when needed.

b) Binh Duong Market Management Department shall intensify inspection and strictly handle cases of smuggling, trade fraud, speculation of goods, causing artificial scarcity, fake goods and counterfeit goods in the market, especially essential items in epidemic prevention such as masks, dry hand sanitizers, and medical supplies.

c) The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development shall assume the prime responsibility and coordinate with the concerned agencies in directing and focusing on boosting the production and processing of agricultural, forestry and aquatic products; have specific measures to reduce pork prices; propose solutions to enhance traceability for agricultural products.

d) The Provincial Tax Department and the Provincial Customs Department shall accelerate the implementation, reform and simplify administrative procedures for those affected by COVID-19 epidemic such as customs clearance, tax refund, tax payment extension etc. under the guidance of the Government, the Ministry of Finance; promptly correct and strictly handle acts of taking advantage of epidemic control policies to cause difficulties for enterprises in customs clearance and import and export activities.

e) Chairman of the Board of members; General Director of State Corporations shall take the initiative in implementing solutions to overcome difficulties, encourage innovation, creativity, make the best effort to successfully implement the targets and tasks of the production and business plan in 2020, contribute to promoting related branches and fields and implementing socio-economic development tasks.

4. Urgently restoring and developing the tourism industry:

a) Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism shall promote tourism promotion activities; enhance communication, promotion, marketing and development of new products to attract international tourists; at the same time, focus on strongly developing domestic tourism.

b) Department of Information and Communications shall lead and coordinate with Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism and media agencies to increase communication on safe tourism, friendly and responsible national and local images associated with positive results in COVID-19 prevention.

5. Speeding up the implementation, disbursement of investment capital and improving the business environment:

a) Departments, committees, branches and People's Committees of districts, towns and cities shall urgently complete investment procedures and assign all plans of investment capital from the state budget in 2020; accelerate the implementation and disbursement of the remaining public investment plan for 2019 and 2020 (including ODA); focus on directing, soon completing and putting into use large and important infrastructure works, maximizing design capacity, socio-economic efficiency. Request departments, branches, and People's Committees of districts, towns and cities to regularly check and take measures to remove difficulties and obstacles to ensure the progress, volume and quality of works.

b) Department of Planning and Investment:

- Regularly check and evaluate the implementation of the public investment plan in 2020, promptly guide the removal of difficulties and obstacles to accelerate implementation, disbursement and ensuring disbursement of the remaining public investment capital in 2019 and planned capital in 2020.

- Lead and coordinate with relevant agencies to implement solutions to improve the business environment and attract domestic and foreign investment to make good use of development opportunities, especially catching opportunities to shift investment flows from other countries. Researching, innovating and improving marketing effectiveness; calling for investment through business dialogues. 

c) Department of Transport: Promptly support investors and districts, towns and cities to complete procedures and promote disbursement, implementing important transport projects, having spillover effects, creating motivation for socio-economic development of the province.

d) Departments, committees, branches and People's Committees of districts, towns and cities shall organize the good implementation of the OSS mechanism in resolving administrative procedures and strengthening innovation in how to solve administrative procedures through the implementation of online public services at levels 3 and 4; coordinating the effective implementation of the province's hotline 1022 in order to reduce conditions that cause difficulties and troubles for organizations and individuals; focusing all resources to create the most favorable and open conditions within the legal framework for all production, business, import and export activities of enterprises to timely assist in overcoming the damage caused by the epidemic during the epidemic occurrence, maintaining production and consumption, restoring and promoting production after the epidemic is over.

6. Focus on handling labor problems

Department of Labor - Invalids and Social Affairs shall continue to collect statistics of foreign workers returning to work. Assume the prime responsibility and coordinate with the concerned agencies in advising the provincial People's Committee to urgently focus on handling and resolving labor and employment problems in enterprises; take measures to diversify forms of propaganda and solutions to motivate employees' morale; work out appropriate plans to support labor training and support workers who are laid off or lose their jobs due to the effects of COVID-19 epidemic; report on the status and solutions for managing foreign workers working in Binh Duong, especially workers from epidemic regions or moving through epidemic regions; have plans to support businesses to find alternative labor sources in case of labor and foreign experts shortage.

7. Promoting communication information

Department of Information and Communications, Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism shall coordinate with relevant agencies to direct media agencies to timely provide official, public, transparent and objective information on the results of COVID-19 prevention and control in Viet Nam to stabilize psychology, consolidate trust and create social consensus; promote the propagation of solutions of the Government, ministries, branches and localities in proactive, synchronous and drastically preventing and coping with the evolution of epidemics and focus on removing difficulties, promoting production and business, ensuring social security, health and life of the people.



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