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Question 22: Kyosakura VietNam company
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​On July 21st 2017, 3 out of 6 road signs were lost. After contacting the police, 03 road signs were removed by public security and urban management. By April 2017, the company has submitted an application to be designed and reworked road signs in accordance with law and has been approved by the information culture of the People's Committee of Hoa Phu Ward and Complex Management Board. And before removing road sign, Department has called the company several times but no one answer. The reason is that, hours of operation of the company started from 9h so no one received the phone. So, the company has set up a phone call to the company where there are no recipients of incoming calls, after 6 rings will be diverted calls to employees of the company. In the future, in case of any impossible telephone contact, we would like to request the department to send a written notice. However, we think we would like to receive phone at different time if the case cannot be contacted by phone.

*Answer by People's Committee and Public Security of Hoa Phu ward:

Currently, the ward is developing and implementing the campaign to build a civilized cultural lifestyle from now to 2020. It focuses on ensuring urban beauty order, construction order, advertising order, environmental sanitation, animal husbandry, campaigning to remove illegal advertising boards.

Through the military phase of implementation, inspection and detection and removing signs illegally classified ads. On Le Loi route, we detected some illegally advertising boards, including road sign of KYOSAKURA Japan Company. To mobilize the company to self-disassembles and guides to comply with regulations; However, the Culture Information and Sport Office has repeatedly contacted but failed to meet with your company.

On July 13rd 1977, the Ward People's Committee directed public servants of Culture, Information and Sports and Urban Welfare Management to coordinate to remove 3 road signs of KYOSAKURA Japan Company. After removing, the company has sent people to contact the Culture Information and Sport Office for guidance and explanation, and pledged to remove the remaining road signs.

According to the results, in May 2017, KYOSAKURA Japan Company has installed 6 new road signs without notice to local and not the size prescribed by Decision No. 07/2012 / QD-UB, dated February 27th 2012 of Binh Duong People's Committee promulgating regulations on advertising activities in Binh Duong province and Decision No.39/2016/QD-UB, dated October 7th 2016 of Binh Duong People's Committee promulgating regulations on outdoor advertising activities in Binh Duong province.

As of August 1st 2017, KYOSAKURA Japan Company has applied procedures to install 6 road signs and send maket content and installation size as prescribed, through investigation, Ward People's Committee agreed for KYOSAKURA Japan Company to implement.

The above is Official Letter in response to Japanese Business Dialogue of People's Committee of Hoa Phu ward.

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