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Question 21: Association of Japan in Ho Chi Minh City
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​Application submission via Social Insurance website: According to the content guided at seminar organized by the Social Insurance Department on September 19th, businesses are not encouraged to use submitting reports function through Social Insurance's website. The reason is slow network. Last year, we also asked same question, but currently, this situation has not improved. Based on the unit's respond, we only signed contracts to buy software declared within 1 year. So, we want to know how many years will this situation be overcome? Because if we sign a contract for many years, we may get a discount. And above all, we want you to understand that, businesses are currently unable to use functionality of the system and are incurring some unnecessary costs.

*Answer by Social Insurance Department:

First, Binh Duong Social Insurance sincerely thanks for comments of the unit. Provincial Social Insurance also would like to explain for the unit to understand:

  • Currently, Vietnam Social Insurance has signed contract with 7 IVAN service providers:
  1. VNPT - Vinaphone Telecommunications Services Corporation
  2. TS24 Joint Stock Company;
  3. Thai Son Technology Development Co., Ltd;
  4. EFY Vietnam Information technology Joint stock Company;
  5. BKAV Joint Stock Company;
  6. Viettel Telecommunications Corporation;
  7. CMC Software Solutions Co., Ltd.

When using software of IVAN service providers, the units need to pay for a fee. IVAN providers have 24/24 technical support and automatic update software, when making electronic social insurance report, software support to submit reports directly from the software.

Electronic Social Insurance Declaration Software is provided free of charge at portal, the software is managed and operated by Vietnam Social Insurance. To submit social insurance report on Electronic Social Insurance Declaration Software: Units must make reports on the software, digit number in the newly created report, export report to *.xlm file, login to the portal, select report submission function and select the correct folder containing the *.xml file to submit report. Electronic Social Insurance Declaration Software: does not support automatic update; all operations on the software have to import directly, which do not support the import of excel files from the software of output unit (human resources management software, salary).

Once again, Binh Duong Social Insurance would like to receive your support and thank you for your interest in contributing to improve the implementation of social insurance policy of the province.

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