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Tran Cong Vang’s Ancient House
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Tran Cong Vang’s Ancient House is located at No. 21, Ngo Tung Chau Street, Phu Cuong Ward, Thu Dau Mot City, is a National Artistic Architecture Monument ranked on January 7th,1993.

​Built in the architectural style of opposite letter Dinh in Chinese language (丁) on the area of 1,333m2, the dentist Tran Cong Vang's house turned south, behind the hill. According to feng-shui, this is is considered as a favorable position. Like the ancient house of Tran Van Ho, Tran Cong Vang's ancient house is most noticeable visitors due to sophisticated meticulous carvings. From the plinth to the roof, tables, chairs, cabinets, church site, door frame, cage box, horizontal, sentences scrolls, couplets, paintings quarter-bottle... carved, painted and carefully nacre skillful, respect the magnificence appearance and dignified of the house.

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