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Phu Cuong Temple
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Phu Cuong Temple is located in Phu Tho Ward, Thu Dau Mot City, is a province-level historical cultural monument that was recognized on Jun 2nd 2004.

Phu Cuong Temple, which is also called as Ba Lua Temple, was built in the second half of the 19th century, is well known for its size and unique architecture. The sanctum was on a high foundation, has a traditional architecture with three spaces. The innermost space of Sanctum is called "Chanh tam" or "Hau cung" to worship "Thanh Hoang" God. Both sides are also worship mosaics. An incense table is placed in front of the god's altar. The main space has some horizontal lacquered boards and paralell sentences to make a dignified place of worship. The center space is for pre-worship rituals, like displaying offerings, reading funeral orations… The outermost space is called "Hoi dong ngoai" with small temples of "Tien hien" and "Hau hien". Both sides of Sanctum has "Dong lang" for all people to meet and a warehouse. The front yard has dragon tiger scenes and Shen Nong's altar. Both sides are for worshiping left and right protector.

This place also keeps a lot of antique weapons, rare and beautiful furniture. The temple has annually two sacrifice periods: Ky Yen Festival (full moon of lunar January) and Thu Te Festival (1st day of lunar October) attract the participation of many tourists.

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