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Ascendas – Protrade Industrial Park
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1. Information about the investor

- Name of investor:

         1. Ascendas – Protrade Ltd. Company

         2. Ascendas Vietnam Properties PTE. LTD

- Address: An Tay Commune, Ben Cat District, Binh Duong Province

- Phone: 0274.3786388

- Fax: 0274.3786392

- Website:

- E-mail:

- Certificate of investment / business registration:

- Registered investment / trading industry:

2. Information on industrial park

- Decision of establishment:

- Investment certificate: No. 462045000306 dated Oct 29, 2007 issued by Binh Duong Provincial Management Board of Industrial Parks

- Decision approving the detailed planning of industrial park: No. 4573/QD-UBND dated Oct 23, 2007 of Binh Duong Provincial People's Committee

3. Land use structure

Type of landArea (ha)Percentage (%)
Land for construction of factories, warehouses335.241767.040
Warehousing land19.64203.928
Land for construction of administrative and service works16.41023.282
Green land50.362210.071
Land for technical infrastructure2.32330.465
Traffic land76.085315.215



- Industrial park address: An Tay Commune, Ben Cat District, Binh Duong Province

- Geographical location:

- Total investment: 2424.75 billion

- The area of leased industrial lands: 335.24 ha

- The nature of industrial park:

- Infrastructure: under construction

- Wastewater treatment plant: under construction

- Year in operation:

- Total disbursed investment: 703.244 billion

- The area of leased land: ha, occupancy rate:%

- Land rental (reference):

- Decision approving the EIA report: No.2099/QD-BTNMT dated Dec 17, 2007 of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

4 Scopes of operation

     - Electricity and electronics;

     - Health care products, pharmaceutical products and food (no processing of fresh seafood);

     - Precision mechanics;

     - Industrial and automotive parts;

     - Auxiliary industry;

     - Light, clean industry (no projects of weaving, dyeing and processing of paper);

     - New building materials (no projects of traditional construction materials such as baked brick, concrete casting).

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