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People's Committees
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15/07/2021 | Nguyen Trang

Members of the provincial People's Committee
  1. Mr. Nguyen Thanh Toan - Director of Industry and Trade
  2. Mr. Ngo Quang Su – Director of Natural Resources and Environment Department
  3. Mr. Nguyen Khoa Hai - Director of Culture, Sports and Tourism Department
  4. Mr. Le Minh Quoc Cuong - Director of Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs Department
  5. Mr. Ha Van Ut - Director of Finance Department
  6. Mrs. Nguyen Anh Hoa - Director of Justice Department
  7. Mr. Le Phu Hoa - Director of Foreign Affairs Department
  8. Mr. Nguyen Hong Chuong - Director of Health Department
  9. Mr. Nguyen Anh Minh - Director of Transport Department
  10. Mr. Le Tuan Anh - Director of Information and Communication Department
  11. Mrs. Nguyen Thi Nhat Hang -  Director of Education and Training Department
  12. Mr. Vo Hoang Ngan - Director of Construction Department
  13. Mr. Pham Van Bong - Director of Agriculture and Rural Development Department​
  14. Mr. Nguyen Van Minh - Director Department of Home Affairs
  15. Mr. Trinh Ngoc Quyen - Director of the Provincial Public Security
  16. Mr. Nguyen Hoang Minh - Commander of Provincial Military Command
  17. Mr. Mai Ba Truoc – Director of Planning and Investment Department
Tasks and powers of the Provincial People's Committee

1. Developing and submitting to the Provincial People's Councils for decision the contents prescribed at Points a, b and c, Clause 1, Points d, đ and e, Clause 2, Clauses 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7. Article 19 of the Law on Organization of Local Governments and Implementation of Resolutions of the Provincial People's Council.

2. Stipulating the organizational structure and specific tasks and powers of the specialized agencies under the Provincial People's Committee.

3. Organizing the implementation of the provincial budget, tasks of socio-economic development, development of industry, construction, trade, services, tourism, agriculture, forestry, fishery and networks of transport and irrigation; the implementation of measures to manage and use land, forests, mountains, rivers, lakes, water resources, mineral resources, resources in the sea, airspace and other natural resources; implement measures to prevent and control natural disasters and protect environment in the province within its decentralized scope.

4. Formulating and organizing the implementation of provincial programs, projects and schemes for ethnic minority areas and areas with exceptionally difficult socio-economic conditions.

5. Implementing measures to build a national defense posture linked to the people's security posture in the province; directing the implementation of the plans for building a solid defense area in the province; organizing the national defense and security education and local military work; building and organizing operations of local soldiers and militia and self-defense force; building a reserve force and mobilize forces to meet the task requirements in accordance with law; building a movement in which the whole people protect the national security in the locality.

6. Performing the tasks of organizing and ensuring the implementation of the Constitution and laws, building the government and administrative boundaries, education, training, science, technology, culture and information, physical training, sports, health, labor, social policies, ethnic groups, religion, national defense, security, social order and safety, judicial administration, judicial assistance and duties, other powers as prescribed by law.

7. Performing tasks and powers decentralized and delegated by central state agencies.

8. Decentralizing and authorizing lower-level People's Committees, agencies and organizations to perform the tasks and powers of provincial-level People's Committee.

Tasks and powers of the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee

The Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee is the head of the Provincial People's Committee and has the following tasks and powers:

1. Leading and managing the work of the Provincial People's Committee and members of the Provincial People's Committee; leading and directing professional agencies under the Provincial People's Committee;

2. Approving the results of election, exemption and dismissal of Chairman and Vice-Chairman of district-level People's Committee; mobilizing, suspending and dismissing the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the district-level People's Committee; assigning the right of the Chairman of the district-level People's Committee in case of vacancy of the Chairman of the district-level People's Committee between two meetings of the district-level People's Council; requesting the Chairman of the district-level People's Committee to suspend or dismiss Chairman and Vice- Chairman of lower-level People's Committees when they fail to fulfill assigned tasks or violate law; appointing, exempting, transferring, dismissing, commending and disciplining officials, civil  servants and public employees under its management scope in accordance with law;

3. Leading and directing the performance of the tasks of implementing the Constitution, laws, documents of superior state agencies, Provincial People's Councils and Provincial People's Committees; performing national defense and security tasks, ensuring social order and safety, fighting against crimes and other law violations, fighting against bureaucratism and corruption; organizing the implementation of measures to protect the assets of agencies and organizations, protect the lives, freedom, honor, dignity, properties, other lawful rights and interests of citizens; implementing measures to manage the population in the province in accordance with law;

4. Leading and taking responsibility for the operation of the State administration system from the provincial to grassroots levels, ensuring the consistency and smoothness of the administration system; directing the reforms of administration, public service and civil service in the local state administrative system;

5. Suspending the implementation or abolishing illegal documents by specialized agencies of the Provincial People's Committees and the illegal documents of the People's Committees and Chairmen of district-level People's Committees. Suspending the implementation of illegal documents of the district-level People's Councils, reporting them to the Provincial People's Committee to request the Provincial People's Council for abolition;

6. Organizing the coordination with superior state agencies located in the province to perform the tasks and powers in accordance with law;

7. Directing Chairmen of district-level People's Committees; authorizing the Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee or the head of a specialized agency under the Provincial People's Committee to perform the tasks and powers within the authority of the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee;

8. Managing and organizing the effective use of working offices, properties, facilities and state budget assigned in the province in accordance with law;

9. Directing the implementation of measures for environmental protection and fire prevention; directing and applying measures to solve unexpected and urgent tasks in the prevention and control of natural disasters, epidemics, security, social order and safety in the province in accordance with law;

10. Organizing the inspection, examination and settlement of complaints and denunciations, handling law violations and receiving citizens in accordance with law;

11. Performing tasks and powers decentralized and delegated by central state agencies.

(Quoted from Law No. 77/2015/QH13 dated June 19, 2015 - Law on Organization of Local Governments)


Floor 16, Tower A-B,  Binh Duong Administration Center, Le Loi road, Hoa Phu ward, Thu Dau Mot city, Binh Duong province;

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