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Enhancing power saving and ensuring a safe and stable power supply
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PORTAL – The Provincial People's Committee directed to enhance electricity saving and ensure a safe and stable electricity supply in the province during the dry season and in 2024.

​​​Accordingly, Binh Duong Power Company must develop a detailed plan to ensure electricity supply in the province during the dry season and the whole year 2024. At the same time, the Company has to proactively implement plan No. 6531/PA-PCBD dated December 14, 2023, approved by the Department of Industry and Trade of Binh Duong province, about the plan for electricity supply in 2024 in case of imbalance in supply and demand of the electricity system. It has to report to the Steering Committee for the Protection of High Voltage Grid Projects and Implementation of Electricity Saving on problems and difficulties to direct and promptly resolve them.

The Company must also ensure power supply for important loads in Binh Duong province in order of priority. In case it is necessary to stop or reduce the electricity supply to customers in the area, Binh Duong Power Company must specifically notify the customers of the areas of the time to stop or reduce the power supply in accordance with regulations in advance to proactively plan the production and business of enterprises and people's activities. It should minimize interruption or reduction of electricity supply at night and during peak heat periods of the day to avoid affecting household activities, except in inevitable cases.

In addition, the Company should strengthen propaganda on the economical and efficient use of electricity to raise awareness of electricity use among customers and people, contributing to ensuring the stability of the electricity supply system. At the same time, it should proactively arrange production and construction plans, implement plans to reduce electricity demand following electricity supply capacity, mobilize customers to actively participate in the electricity load adjustment program, and manage electricity demand to reduce electricity consumption at peak hours.

Departments, branches, organizations, units of the armed forces, and People's Committees of districts and cities should proactively develop plans and immediately deploy solutions to increase electricity savings, contributing to ensuring a stable electricity supply in the province.

At the same time, they must strengthen awareness among all officials, civil servants, public employees, and workers so that they would be the example regarding the economic use of electricity at work and in households. They should be responsible for implementing the Provincial People's Committee's direction on reducing electricity usage at offices and units, creating all conditions, and proactively having solutions to support the electricity industry to accelerate the progress of investment in construction projects to improve the backup capacity of electricity supply in the coming years, etc.


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