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Creating favorable conditions for Pandora to implement projects in Binh Duong
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PORTAL – On the morning of May 16th, at Binh Duong Provincial Administrative Center, Mr. Vo Van Minh – Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee (PPC) received and worked with Mr. Alexander Lacik – CEO of Pandora (Denmark).

​Expressing his thanks for the warm welcome of the Chairman of the PPC, Mr. Alexander Lacik said that Pandora is a famous jewelry brand in the world specializing in designing, manufacturing, and marketing completely handcrafted jewelry products from high-quality materials. Pandora's jewelry is sold in more than 100 countries with 6.800 points of sale.

The Group is investing in building a new world-class jewelry factory in Viet Nam – Singapore Industrial Park III (VSIP III), Binh Duong province with a total investment of 150 million USD. This is Pandora's fourth manufacturing plant and the first one outside Thailand. The groundbreaking ceremony of the factory took place on the afternoon of May 16th, 2024. It was expected that when it is completed, the factory will create jobs for 7.000 workers and produce 60 million jewelry products per year.

On behalf of the Group, Mr. Alexander Lacik thanked the active support of the Binh Duong provincial leaders and agencies to let the Group's project officially start construction. At the same time, they hope that the province will continue to support the Group throughout the project implementation process, completing infrastructure inside and outside the industrial park, policies on using renewable energy, accessing labor resources, etc.

Mr. Vo Van Minh - Chairman of the PPC received and worked with Mr. Alexander Lacik - CEO of Pandora

Mr. Vo Van Minh - Chairman of the PPC highly appreciated the Group's efforts in coordinating with the province to remove difficulties and start the project on schedule. Provincial leaders also informed the Group about procedures related to the project, etc.

Regarding labor issues, the Chairman of the PPC said that Binh Duong is the industrial center of the country, so it attracts a large workforce from provinces and cities to live and work. Vietnamese workers have diligent and meticulous characteristics, so they are suitable for the specifics of jewelry processing work. The Chairman hoped the Group would pay attention to policies of salary, benefits, training, social housing construction, etc. to attract and retain workers.

Regarding infrastructure, the Chairman of the PPC said that Binh Duong is focusing on investing in traffic projects such as Ring Road 3, Ring Road 4, Ho Chi Minh City - Chon Thanh Expressway, etc., connecting provinces and cities in the region with airports and seaports to facilitate the transportation of goods. VSIP III has also been prepared with infrastructures of green energy and renewable energy to meet the requirements of investors. The province also orients renewable energy planning to serve investment demands in the new period.

The Chairman of the PPC committed to creating all favorable conditions for Pandora to implement the projects and business activities effectively in Binh Duong.

Mr. Vo Van Minh - Chairman of the PPC discussed with the leader of the Pandora

Delegates took a group photo

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