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The provincial leader receives the Consul General of the Republic of Singapore
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PORTAL – On the morning of May 21, at the Provincial Administrative Center, Mr. Mai Hung Dung –Member of the Provincial Party Standing Committee, Standing Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee (PPC) received H.E. Mr. Kho Ngee Seng Roy, Consul General of the Republic of Singapore in Ho Chi Minh City came to pay a courtesy visit to the provincial leaders at the end of his term in Viet Nam.

​At the reception, Consul General Kho Ngee Seng Roy highly appreciated the dynamic development and investment environment of Binh Duong province. He said investors were impressed by the province's achievements and investment potential, notably the well-invested and modern infrastructure and transportation systems.

The businesses' trust is strengthened by the province's efforts and determination to build a transparent, fair, and attractive business environment for all investors. It also puts efforts to improve the quality of the workforce and promote welfare for local people.

The Consul General emphasized that Singapore is one of Binh Duong's strategic partners. Singapore directly participated in the province's development through many different forms of investment, trade, and cooperation. Viet Nam – Singapore Industrial Parks (VSIPs) are the most typical symbols for the successful long-term cooperation between the two countries. Binh Duong is the first locality to have VSIP and now, the one that has the most VSIP in Viet Nam.


Mr. Mai Hung Dung, Standing Vice Chairman of the PPC received Mr. Kho Ngee Seng Roy, Consul General of the Republic of Singapore in Ho Chi Minh

Expressing his pride in the achievements of Binh Duong province as well as the success of VSIP, Mr. Kho Ngee Seng Roy thanked the provincial leaders for always coordinating and creating conditions for him to complete his tasks in Viet Nam and for Singaporean businesses to operate effectively in the province over the past time. He believed that the relationship between Viet Nam and Singapore would reach new heights and Binh Duong would develop more sustainably and prosperously in the future.

The Standing Vice Chairman of the PPC Mai Hung Dung said that over the past 27 years, the VSIP joint venture has been a successful economic cooperation project between economic partners and has become a good symbol of friendship and cooperation between the two countries. Up to now, VSIP Joint Venture has successfully built 11 industrial-urban-service parks (total scale of about 9,700 hectares) under the VSIP brand in 8 localities across Viet Nam. Binh Duong province has 3 VSIPs, in which VSIP I and VSIP II have been filled and put into effective operation. VSIP III is a model industrial park applying a smart management model with new technologies of industry 4.0, as well as green, environmentally friendly technology.


Mr. Mai Hung Dung, Standing Vice Chairman of the PPC presented a souvenir to Mr. Kho Ngee Seng Roy, Consul General of the Republic of Singapore in Ho Chi Minh

Singapore currently ranks third out of 65 countries and territories invested in Binh Duong with 301 projects and a total capital of 5.52 billion USD. Singaporean businesses have contributed greatly to the development of Binh Duong. At the moment, Becamex IDC Corp. and Semcorp Group have cooperated to implement many practical projects on green energy, technology, innovation, and high-quality human resource development.

The Standing Vice Chairman of the PPC congratulated Mr. Kho Ngee Seng Roy on his successful term in Viet Nam. At the same time, he hoped that the cooperative relationship between Binh Duong and Singapore partners would increasingly strengthen and develop, thereby opening many opportunities and areas for further cooperation, especially in the fields of supply chain and logistics, green and digital economy.


The delegates take a group photo.

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