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Binh Duong Power Company encourages people to use electricity economically and efficiently
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​PORTAL - The weather is very extreme due to the influence of El Nino phenomenon, prolonged hot weather, besides, the demand for electricity is tending to increase. Binh Duong Power Company recommends customers to use electricity economically and efficiently.

As reported by EVN, during the past time, due to the influence of the El Nino phenomenon, hot weather, drought, and lack of water have made hydropower reservoirs seriously affected.  Therefore, the demand for electricity is tending to increase, in Binh Duong, in May, June and July 2023, specifically, on May 07, 2023, although it is a weekend break (Sunday) and after the public holiday April 30 to May 01, the demand for the electricity system in the province has increased to a record level (37.3 million kWh), the highest since the beginning of the year; the maximum consumption capacity on May 08, 2023 is 2,406.65 MW, the highest since the beginning of the year.

Implementing Directive No. 20/CT-TTg dated May 07, 2020 on enhancing electricity saving in the 2020-2025 period and Official Telegram No. 397/CD-TTg dated May 13, 2023 on proactively implementing urgent measures to cope with the risk of heat, drought, water shortage and saltwater intrusion by the Prime Minister, Binh Duong Power Company recommends customers to use electricity economically and efficiently, turn off unnecessary electrical equipment, limit the use of equipment that consumes a lot of electricity during peak hours of the power system (including frame hours from 11:00-15:30 and 20:00-23:30 daily); not to use many electrical appliances at the same time to avoid overloading the grid.

At the same time, preventing the risk of fire and explosion in power grids, power stations and residential areas. Restaurants, hotels and commercial service establishments, office complexes and apartment buildings reduce 50% of their outdoor decorative advertising lighting capacity at the above time frame. The units managing the public lighting system, street lights to open late/turn off early, and at the same time reduce 50% of the lighting capacity in the peak hours of the power system. In particular, customers with large electricity consumption, participating in demand response (DR) programs according to Circular No. 23/2017/TT-BCT dated November 16, 2017 of the Ministry of Industry and Trade when there is a notice from the Electricity unit.

​Reported by Huong Giang- Translated by Thanh Tam​​

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