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Binh Duong: Many activities to take care of employees in Workers' Month 2023
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PORTAL - Workers' Month 2023 will take place from May 01 to 31, 2023 with the theme "Connecting workers, building organizations", implemented simultaneously by Binh Duong provincial Trade Unions at all levels to take care of and protect the lawful and legitimate rights and interests of trade union members and workers.

Accordingly, based on the target assigned by the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor to organize the activities of Workers' Month 2023, the Provincial Trade Unions at all levels continue to organize activities that are promoting their effectiveness, which are well received by trade union members and workers, and are interested and supported by all levels of Party committees, authorities, and employers.

Specifically, in Workers' Month, meaningful and practical activities will take place such as: Program "Dialogue in May"; Forum "Workers for enterprises, enterprises for workers", activities "Thank you workers"; organizing the peak month to develop trade union members, establish the grassroots trade union; introducing elite trade union members to the Party for consideration, training and admission. In particular, organizing the program "Each grassroots trade union, one trade union member benefit", including "Worker fair", "Sales week with discounts for workers", "Workers Culture and Sports Day", "Health Care Day"; organizing travel and vacation programs for workers; continuing to sign and deploy activities with welfare partners to bring benefits to trade union members and workers.

Ms. Nguyen Kim Loan - Chairman of the Provincial Labor Confederation visits and encourages workers in difficult circumstances

In addition, linking Workers' Month activities with Action Month on occupational safety and health and organizing Trade Union congresses at all levels.

On May 05, 2023, the Provincial Labor Confederation will hold a ceremony to launch the Workers' Month and the Action Month on Occupational Safety and Health 2023 at the Provincial Labor Culture Center (An Phu Ward, Ho Chi Minh City). At the ceremony, the Organizing Committee will give support to 100 workers with difficult circumstances, occupational accidents, occupational diseases, and serious illnesses; give gifts to 50 disadvantaged workers whose children have achieved excellent academic results; commend and reward 50 typical trade union members and workers with outstanding achievements in the emulation movement; commend 10 typical enterprises that ensure jobs, income, and take good care of trade union members and workers.

Ms. Nguyen Kim Loan - Chairman of Binh Duong provincial Labor Confederation said that the organization of activities in the Workers' Month 2023 aims to propagate extensively about the position, role and contribution of the Vietnamese working class; strengthen the relationship connecting trade union members, workers, officials and employees with the trade union organization, contributing to building a strong Vietnamese trade union organization.

At the same time, encouraging trade union members, workers, officials and employees, especially the labor force to make efforts to overcome difficulties and creative labor to contribute to efforts to overcome difficulties, creative labor, contributing to the development of each enterprise, promoting the economic growth of the country.

Through the activities of Workers' Month, the Trade union does a better job of representing, taking care of and protecting the lawful and legitimate rights and interests of trade union members and workers, creating more attention of the party committee, the government, the political system, enterprises owners and the whole society to the working class.

​​Reported by Mai Xuan- Translated by Thanh Tam

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