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Speeding up the implementation of the Ho Chi Minh City’s Ring Road No. 3 project, section through Di An city
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​PORTAL - On the afternoon of April 20, Mr. Vo Van Minh - Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee (PPC) and leaders of departments and branches surveyed and worked with Di An City on compensation for Ring Road No. 3, section through the city.

​As reported by Di An City, the total number of cases affected by the project is about 515 up to now (in which, there are 437 cases of land acquisition and about 78 cases of only assets on land), corresponding to 523 land plots. Up to now, the People's Committee of Di An City has issued notices of land recovery 04 times, a total of 537 notices/537 land plots, reaching the rate of 100%.

The PPC Chairman Vo Van Minh (2nd from the right) surveys the compensation and ground clearance of Ring Road No. 3

As of April 17, 2023, it has measured, tallied, and established compensation records for 486/515 cases (of which, 408 cases of land recovery and 78 cases of only assets on land), reaching the rate of 94%. It is expected that the tally will be completed in April 2023.

On April 03, 2023, the People's Committee of Di An City submitted the dossier to the provincial Department of Natural Resources and Environment for advice and submission to the Appraisal Council and the Provincial People's Committee to approve the land price for project implementation compensation.


Overview of the meeting

For resettlement, through preliminary survey, there are more than 300 cases of houses being completely cleared or the remaining land area is not enough to build houses, etc. must solve the policy of re-arranging the resettlement sites.


Leader of Di An City reports the implementation schedule of Ring Road No.3 project

With the above situation, based on the number of existing resettlement sites in the city, the Compensation Council intends to arrange resettlement sites in 06 resettlement areas in Di An city and continue to review to arrange enough resettlement sites for the project.

The PPC Chairman Vo Van Minh speaks to conclude the meeting

Through the actual survey and report of Di An City People's Committee, the PPC Chairman Vo Van Minh emphasized, this project is very important for the development of the Southeast region, therefore, the branches and levels need to focus on implementing steps to speed up the project. The PPC Chairman said that in the near future, the Price Appraisal Council and the People's Committee will meet to approve the land price plan for project compensation. The PPC Chairman also noted that Di An needs to review the missing resettlement sites to have a plan to fully arrange and promptly hand over to people to stabilize their lives.

​Reported by Mai Xuan- Translated by Thanh Tam​​

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