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Binh Duong shares difficulties, accompanies domestic enterprises
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​PORTAL - On the morning of August 3, at the Provincial Convention and Exhibition Center, the Provincial Party Committee - People's Council - People's Committee of Binh Duong province held a meeting between provincial leaders and domestic investment associations and enterprises in 2022.​

​Attending were Mr. Nguyen Van Loi - Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Head of the Provincial Delegation of the National Assembly Deputies; Mr. Nguyen Van Danh - Vice Chairman of PPC and leaders of provincial departments, committees and branches, Trade associations and domestic investment enterprises in the province.

The economy gradually recovers, flexibly adapts

Information on the socio-economic situation of Binh Duong province at the conference showed that in the first 6 months of 2022, the economy gradually recovered positively, GRDP growth in the first quarter was estimated to increase by 5.3%, in the second quarter, increase by 8.35% over the same period. Industry and construction continued to be the driving force, making the main contribution to the overall growth; the service area had many flourishing steps when most of the service and entertainment activities are vibrant again.

Despite many difficulties, manufacturing industries such as: textiles, footwear, wood, electronic components, etc. have actively transformed models, changed strategies, and responded flexibly to ensure sufficient sources of raw materials. Industrial production index in the first 6 months of the year was estimated to increase by 8.35% over the same period in 2021.


Enterprises strive to overcome difficulties to restore production

Industrial parks in the province have leased land and factories with a total area of 196 hectares. The province held a ground-breaking ceremony for the Vietnam - Singapore III Industrial Park; is implementing the adjustment project for Bau Bang and Cay Truong industrial parks.

The province continues to organize the selection of contractors to implement the Binh Duong Provincial Planning for the 2021-2030 period, with a vision to 2050 in accordance with regulations; approves the socio-economic development plan for the 2021-2030 period, with a vision to 2050; continues to coordinate with relevant localities and units to study and propose the implementation of investment procedures for Ring Road 3 and Ring Road 4, Ho Chi Minh City - Thu Dau Mot - Chon Thanh expressway; promotes investment procedures for a number of key projects, etc.

The results achieved are a combination of many factors, including the contribution of the domestic investment enterprise community and trade associations in the province.

Enterprises need support

At the conference, Associations and enterprises raised difficulties, obstacles, suggestions and recommendations to continue to facilitate the process of restoring production and business of enterprises such as: High petroleum price affects production and export; enterprises find it difficult to access bank capital; land rent stabilization policy; building social houses and kindergartens for workers' children in industrial parks and clusters, etc.


Overview of the conference

Sharing at the conference, Mr. Nguyen Liem - Chairman of Binh Duong Furniture Association said that the situation of wood production and business is being influenced by the world market. Countries tighten credit policies, inflation tends to increase, leading to a sharp decrease in consumer demand and no positive signal for the end of 2022. Key export markets such as the US and Europe saw a decrease in export orders. In addition, the price of production materials and products, the cost of production materials and transportation also increased sharply, leading to many factories having to reduce production and cut labor. Meanwhile, it is difficult for enterprises to access bank capital.

Therefore, he suggested that the Central government and the province have policies to support the reduction of bank interest rates, grace periods, debt rescheduling, not reducing the credit "room" (the bank's loan limit) and support enterprises to borrow inventory; have solutions to stabilize the price of raw materials and transportation. Along with that, strengthening programs for trade promotion, e-commerce development, digital transformation, technology improvement.


Ms. Phan Le Diem Trang - Chairman of Binh Duong Garment-Textile Association presents the recommendation

Ms. Phan Le Diem Trang - Chairman of Binh Duong Garment-Textile Association added that it is currently difficult for small and medium-sized enterprises to apply standards on environment, fire prevention, digital transformation, etc. She wanted enterprises to be "oxygenated" to continue maintaining and developing production. The Garment-Textile Association proposed to the Central and provincial governments to have solutions to support enterprises in accessing loan sources; have a stable land lease policy and support enterprises with land rental costs; specifically notify the list of enterprises that need to be relocated to the industrial park or cluster and the time of relocation so that the enterprises can proactively arrange production and business activities; have a plan to support small and medium-sized enterprises in digital transformation.


Leaders of Binh Duong Logistics Association speaks

Chairman of Binh Duong Logistics Association Nguyen Quang Sang said that in the past time, in the context of increasing gasoline prices, leading to high logistics costs. According to him, the province's transportation system is relatively good, but there are still traffic jams, especially on arterial roads such as National Highway 13, My Phuoc - Tan Van road. Warehouse system in the province is small and scattered. Therefore, he hoped that the province would continue to have solutions to overcome traffic jams and synchronously plan the transportation system and warehouses for transportation activities, contributing to reducing logistics costs for enterprises.


Leader of the Department of Transport proposes solutions to prevent traffic jams and invest in key traffic works

Through the opinions of enterprises, leaders of the PPC and departments have satisfactorily answered the recommendations and problems about customs procedures; tax-related policies; solutions to solve traffic jams as well as key traffic investment plans and programs, specialized inspection at enterprises, etc. Regarding supporting enterprises to access capital, a representative of the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) - Provincial branch said that the SBV has implemented many solutions and policies to support and remove difficulties for enterprises in accessing capital for production and business, focusing on 5 priority areas: agricultural and rural development; export; small and medium-sized enterprises; supporting industry; high-tech application enterprises. In particular, the Government has just issued Decree No. 31 on May 20, 2022 to support interest rates from the State budget for loans of enterprises, cooperatives and business households. This is an important credit "channel" to help enterprises recover quickly after the Covid-19 pandemic. In order to increase access to bank loans, in addition to solutions from the SBV and credit institutions, enterprises themselves need to restructure their operations, demonstrate their capacity, and create trust so that financial institutions can feel secure to grant credit.

Removing difficulties for enterprises

Speaking at the conference, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Nguyen Van Loi acknowledged the difficulties, problems and recommendations of enterprises. The Secretary asked the PPC and departments to further improve the sense of responsibility, really participate in sharing difficulties, accompanying enterprises, "seeing the difficulties of enterprises as their own difficulties". The PPC consolidates the Working Group to remove difficulties for enterprises in a realistic way, avoiding formalism. Issues within their competence must be resolved and answered immediately, matters beyond their competence should be recorded and reported to their superiors for thorough settlement. The existing policies of the Central Government must be applied and fully exploited to create the most favorable conditions for enterprises. In addition, it is necessary to strengthen dialogue with enterprises to listen to and promptly remove problems and pressing concerns of trade associations and enterprises in order to create a driving force to promote stable production and business in the coming time.


Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Nguyen Van Loi speaks at the conference

On behalf of the PPC, Mr. Nguyen Van Danh acknowledged and thanked enterprises for accompanying and sharing with the government in implementing measures to prevent and control the pandemic and restore production and business activities. It is the efforts of enterprises and trade associations that have contributed to the province to overcome the pandemic, recover and develop quickly. The PPC seriously accepts the direction of the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and will focus on directing the effective implementation of the recommendations of enterprises. He asked the leaders of departments, branches and localities to continue monitoring and directing during the implementation process for the answered recommendations, and at the same time soon reply and resolve unanswered contents at the conference. The Working group to remove problems and difficulties for enterprises continues to maintain information channels, promptly grasp production and business activities of trade associations in order to create the best conditions for enterprises to maintain and develop production and business activities.

​​Reported by Phuong Chi- Translated by Thanh Tam​

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