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Need a radical solution to overcome the shortage of drugs and medical supplies, control the dengue hemorrhagic fever
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​PORTAL - On the afternoon of July 14, Mr. Nguyen Hong Chuong - Director of the Department of Health answered questions at the 6th Meeting of the 10th Provincial People's Council, on the situation and solutions to prevent and control dengue hemorrhagic fever, ensure drugs and medical supplies for public treatment facilities in the province.​​

​Control dengue hemorrhagic fever

Deputy Nguyen Thanh Quang - Thuan An city delegation questioned about solutions to disease prevention and control, especially dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) before the situation in Binh Duong, there were 10 deaths due to DHF.


Deputy Nguyen Thanh Quang - Thuan An city delegation questions the Director of the Department of Health

The director of the Department of Health said that the DHF situation is increasing in the province, the whole province recorded 7,282 cases of DHF, up 44.1% over the same period in 2021. In which, localities with high number of cases: Tan Uyen 1,402 cases, Di An 1,269 cases, Thuan An 1089 cases, Thu Dau Mot 989 cases, Ben Cat 911 cases, etc. There have been 10 deaths due to DHF.

The whole province detected 1,295 DHF outbreaks and handled 1,289 outbreaks (reaching a rate of 99.5%). In the first 6 months of 2022, the Provincial General Hospital collected and treated 2,380 DHF cases (up 32.4% compared to the whole year of 2021), including 50 severe cases required hospital transfer to higher levels and 01 case died.

According to the Director of the Department of Health, the reason for the high number of DHF cases is that Binh Duong province in particular and the Southeast region in general are in the rainy season, so the disease vector (Aedes Agypti mosquito) thrives. In 2022, dengue virus type 2 circulates mainly in the South, this is the type that often causes severe disease (according to the Pasteur Institute in Ho Chi Minh City). In addition, people are still subjective and negligent, the case declaration at health facilities has not been fully maintained and implemented during the past time, leading to untimely case monitoring and inadequate treatment of outbreaks. Intervention activities have not been drastic (general environmental sanitation, treatment of outbreaks, etc.).

To implement solutions and plans to control the pandemic; while ensuring adequate treatment conditions for patients, the Provincial People's Committee (PPC) has issued a plan to implement the campaign to eliminate larvae, general environmental sanitation and communication to prevent and control DHF, hand, foot and mouth disease in Binh Duong province in 2022. The Department of Health has issued many documents to promptly direct the DHF prevention and control, especially case monitoring, outbreak handling and collection and treatment to minimize mortality.


Mr. Nguyen Hong Chuong - Director of the Department of Health answers questions

In the immediate future, the Department of Health will strengthen inspection and close monitoring of the epidemic situation in order to detect new cases early, focusing on places with old outbreaks and risk of outbreaks. Well organizing the collection and treatment of patients. Directing private clinics and treatment lines to absolutely comply with guidelines for diagnosis, treatment, and timely and safe referral monitoring. Regularly training health staff on DHF monitoring and treatment under the guidance of the Ministry of Health. Strengthening monitoring of DHF patients who are inpatient treatment during holidays and weekends to detect, promptly treat or refer severe DHF cases. Consolidating and maintaining the operation of the "DHF treatment group" and the "DHF prevention and control hotline" at medical examination and treatment units to regularly consult, exchange information about expertise, and request support when necessary. Preparing a sufficient number of drugs, medical equipment and necessary means to deal with the epidemic; ensuring that there is a solution of high molecular weight used in treatment as guided by the Ministry of Health.

Instructing people to take preventive measures to eliminate the nests of wriggling and larvae effectively, ensuring that all households in the epidemic and at-risk areas must be inspected and monitored for tanks, water containers, items, waste, breeding places of mosquitoes to carry out forms of immediate destruction of wriggling and larvae under the guidance of the Health branch. Up to now, the province has implemented a campaign to kill larva, communication on prevention and control of DHF, hand, foot and mouth disease in all 91 communes, wards and towns.

In the long term, the Health branch will coordinate with localities to apply a model to guide primary and secondary school students to clean up and remove water containers with larvae. Replicating Wolbachia-carrying mosquitoes in the community. Implementing administrative sanctions against individuals, households, enterprises and establishments that fail to carry out environmental sanitation, clean up waste, remove water containers with larvae at the place of residence, workplace, etc.

Need a radical solution to ensure medical human and material resources

In response to the question of deputy Tran Thanh Trong - Thuan An city delegation about solutions to overcome the shortage of drugs and medical supplies at public health facilities in the province; Mr. Nguyen Hong Chuong said that the supply of drugs and medical supplies in service of disease prevention and treatment is done through bidding in accordance with the Bidding Law, Decree 63/2014/ND-CP, Circular 15/2019/TT-BYT and other relevant documents.


Deputy Tran Thanh Trong – Thuan An city delegation questions the Director of the Department of Health

In April 2022, the Binh Duong Department of Health approved the contractor selection results for the bidding package for the supply of generic drugs to public health facilities in Binh Duong province in the 2021-2023 period. The number of winning drugs/inviting items is 920/1045, the winning rate is 88%. Thus, up to now, it has basically supplied enough generic drugs for medical examination and drug supply to patients with health insurance (HI) cards.

Meanwhile, the procurement of bidding packages for herbal medicines, traditional medicines, folk medicines; brand-name medicines and therapeutic equivalents; medical equipment is currently subject to a number of regulations due to the Government's decrees (Decree No. 36/2016/ND-CP; Decree No. 169/2018/ND-CP and Decree No. 03/2020/ND-CP) have expired. Pending the guidance of the Ministry of Health, the Department of Health has proposed the PPC a number of immediate plans to ensure the progress of the appraisal and approval of the bidding packages. In order to have a radical solution to overcome the shortage of drugs and medical supplies, and to limit mistakes in procurement, in addition to continuing to propose to the Central Government to have mechanisms and policies to remove and overcome, the PPC has directed the study to establish the province's centralized shopping center.

At the question-and-answer session, deputy Ha Thuc Vien - Di An city delegation questioned about the solution to ensure human resources so that the 1,500-bed hospital can be put into operation soon and effectively.


Deputy Ha Thuc Vien - Di An city delegation questions the leader of the Department of Health

The director of the Department of Health said that, in addition to ensuring medical facilities and equipment to operate the 1,500-bed General Hospital, medical human resources have a particularly important role.

Mr. Chuong shared, after the anti-pandemic period, the rate of public health staff leaving work increased. The number of health staff who stopped or quit their jobs at public institutions as of June 15, 2022 is 166 people (35 doctors, 60 nurses, midwives; 6 technicians and 65 other health staff), in 2021 alone, 162 people stopped and quit their jobs. Thus, in Binh Duong, there is a phenomenon of health staff in public units leaving their jobs like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

To compensate for the shortage of human resources and prepare personnel when the 1,500-bed General Hospital comes into operation, the Health branch is registering to recruit 786 health staff in 2022. The Department of Health has proposed solutions focusing on attracting doctors, strengthening the signing of contracts to train doctors according to the address of use, advising on treatment policies to retain doctors, exercising autonomy in recurrent expenditures, and improving the working environment.

The Department also advised the Project to ensure human resources for the Health branch and high-quality health human resources in the 2021 – 2025 period, and is developing a draft master plan for the development of the Health branch in Binh Duong province until 2030.

According to Mr. Chuong, in order to ensure highly qualified human resources, it is necessary to closely combine recruitment and human resource training, this process needs at least 5-10 years. The Department of Health will continue to advise the PPC to develop 04 groups of policies: Adjusting Resolution No. 05/2019/NQ-HDND dated July 31, 2019 of the People's Council promulgating regulations on policies to attract and support training and fostering to improve the quality of human resources in Binh Duong province, including medical personnel such as: recruitment mechanism according to the needs of the autonomous unit, signing expert contracts; attracting and retaining with preferential policies, official residence; for cases that have been attracted but resign, they must pay compensation after training and pay salary compensation for autonomous units, etc. There is also a policy to increase income for public healthcare; policies on specific training and fostering for medical personnel (Project 1816, Project of Satellite Hospital, ordering specialized training, international cooperation and encouraging foreign training in high-tech medical specialties, etc.); policies on safe working environment (occupational insurance, ensuring security and order, labor safety in medical facilities, etc.).

​​Reported by ​Phuong Chi- Translated by Thanh Tam

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