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Speeding up the issuance and return of Citizen Identity Cards and installing security surveillance cameras on the roads
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PORTAL - On the afternoon of July 14, the 6th meeting - Binh Duong provincial People's Council conducted a Question and answer session about the concerns of deputies and voters. The Director of the Provincial Police Department mounted the rostrum to answered questions about security and order, traffic safety, and issuance of Citizen Identity Card.

​Quickly delivering all outstanding Citizen ID cards to people

Deputy Tran Huu Tai - Thuan An city delegation questioned, many voters now reflect that they have not received the Citizen Identity Card (Citizen ID Card), although although they made the cards long time ago (3-6 months) and paid to receive the Citizen ID Card by Post. Some voters also complained that the information on the Citizen ID Card was wrong, they reported the police of the ward and commune and was answered to ask for re-grant that takes time and greatly affects people's civil transactions. It is requested the Police branch to clarify the cause of this situation, the coordination between the Police branch and the Post Office in paying Citizen ID Card by Post as well as solutions to overcome in the near future.

Responding to this content, Colonel Trinh Ngoc Quyen said that, according to regulations, when the Provincial Police receive Citizen ID Cards from the Ministry of Public Security, they will conduct classification: For cases that do not register to receive via Postal service, the police agency will be responsible for notifying people to go to the police headquarters of communes, wards and towns to receive cards. For cases registered to receive via postal service, there are 2 ways to receive: People will wait for the postal staff to deliver at the registered address; or people directly go to the Post Office to receive the card and will be refunded the fee collected by the Post Office.


Deputy Tran Huu Tai - Thuan An city delegation questions the Director of the Provincial Police Department

From March 2021 up to now, the Provincial Police have received over 1.5 million applications for issuance, renewal and re-issuance of Citizen ID Cards; at the same time, received and coordinated with the Post Office to pay over 1.1 million cards to citizens. However, at present, many people have not received Citizen ID Card mainly due to the following reasons:

Firstly, because the Postal Service is overloaded, the number of outstanding Citizen ID cards at the Post Office that haven't been delivered to people is still quite large. According to statistics, there are still more than 33,500 Citizen ID cards in the province's post offices that have not yet been delivered to citizens.

Secondly, many cases when people go to make Citizen ID cards, they provide inaccurate, inconsistent and misleading information and personal papers compared to the population data in the system (wrong address, phone number, change of permanent address, etc.) so it takes a long time to verify, supplement and edit, especially for temporary residents.

According to statistics from the beginning of 2022 until now, there have been nearly 300,000 applications for Citizen ID cards of temporary residents that have been delayed due to errors in information, in which there are more than 11,000 cases overdue 6 months, the Ministry deletes the data, so it has to invite people to collect their application again.

To overcome the above situation, the Provincial Police will coordinate with the Provincial Post Office and the local Post Office to propose solutions to quickly deliver all outstanding Citizen ID cards to the people as soon as possible. Focusing on speeding up the process of overcoming outstanding applications for Citizen ID cards due to incorrect information; at the same time, continuing to invite all people whose data has been deleted to the police agency to collect applications for Citizen ID card, transmit data to the Ministry for issuing Citizen ID cards in accordance with regulations.


Colonel Trinh Ngoc Quyen - Director of the Provincial Police Department answers question at the meeting

Provincial police also advised people when receiving Citizen ID car or personal identification number, if detecting any errors, they must promptly contact the police at the commune, ward or town level where their permanent residence is registered to adjust and update information, and then go to the issue place of Citizen ID card to be re-issued the Citizen ID card according to regulations. Time to adjust information and make Citizen ID card people only need to do during the day.

In addition, the Provincial Police have announced the hotline number of the Police Division for Administrative Management of Social Order (0972.575.710) and Police of 9 districts, towns and cities through information channels and social networks; If people need to know the exact status of their Citizen ID card, as well as when there are questions that need to be answered, people can call for specific answers and instructions.

Continuing to deploy the project of installing security cameras on key roads

Responding to a question from deputy Ha Thanh - Thuan An City delegation bout the effectiveness of the "Security Camera" model and orientation and plan for continuing to install surveillance camera system in the coming time, Colonel Trinh Ngoc Quyen said, stemming from the actual situation and the requirement to strengthen the application of information technology in the work of ensuring security and order (SO) in the area, on June 19, 2020, the Provincial Police advised the PPC to issue the Project on socialization of security cameras for the 2020 - 2025 period in order to maximize resources from the people to contribute to the work of ensuring SO. Since the implementation of the project, the whole province has installed 3,180 cameras with a total budget of more than 6.8 billion VND, of which 1,906 cameras have been installed at junctions and intersections belonging to the roads of communes, wards, towns and inter-commune roads, effectively serving the monitoring of SO situation on the roads. In addition, the grassroots security force has mobilized people and enterprises to install 23,614 more cameras themselves, bringing the total number of cameras installed at the headquarters of state agencies, houses and enterprises to 43,549 cameras.

Through practice, it has been shown that the installation of security camera systems at roads, worker boarding-house areas, and complex areas on SO has brought remarkable results. The camera system helps the police force to deploy crime prevention and control options and plans more conveniently, as well as get more information and pictures of political, criminal, drug, and criminal subjects, etc. to serve professional work. Many criminal cases and traffic accidents thanks to camera extraction have helped the police force quickly solve cases and handle the right people and the right crimes. Since its implementation, the security camera model has provided the provincial police force with thousands of valuable information, helping to break many special cases and arrest more than 250 criminals; sanctioned "cold" more than 223 cases of administrative violations in the field of traffic with a total amount of more than 927 million VND, which is supported and highly appreciated by the Party committees, local authorities and people.


Deputy Ha Thanh – Thuan An city delegation questions the Director of the Provincial Police Department

Typically, the arrest of 02 large-displacement motorcycle drivers in 9 days (from August 01, 2020 to August 08, 2020) has made 03 consecutive robberies of property of passersby on section DT.744 in Thanh Tuyen commune, Dau Tieng district. The arrest of the subject using a gun to rob SHB bank occurred on November 18, 2020 in Quarter 1, Tan Dinh ward, Ben Cat town right after the crime. The quick arrest of 02 subjects of property theft, stabbing to death of 01 dentist occurred on May 04, 2021 at Viet Sing residential area, An Phu ward, Thuan An city. The arrest of a group of subjects pretending to be a crime prevention and fighting force to intentionally cause injury and destroy property occurred on May 28, 2021, in Quarter 8, Chanh Phu Hoa ward, Ben Cat town, etc.

In order to promote the achieved results and to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of social governance in the digital transformation process, the Provincial Police are focusing on advising the PPC "Project of surveillance cameras for fire, security and traffic safety in Binh Duong province". This is a large-scale project, investing in a high-quality smart camera system that can be integrated into the Provincial Intelligent Operation Center (IOC), as well as share data for branches to warn early of fires, handle traffic jams, record images of objects and means of traffic on roads serving the sanctioning of administrative violations, fighting against crime and ensuring SO, etc. In the near future, the Provincial Police will complete the project, submit it to the PPC for approval of the investment policy, then organize the bidding and install the equipment according to the set schedule.

For the project "Socialization of security cameras", the Provincial Police continue to direct the local police to advise the Party committees and authorities to propagate and mobilize people to actively participate in the installation of camera systems to ensure standards and quality. At the same time, mobilizing people to promptly provide and extract camera data for the police force when required to serve the fight against crime and ensure social order and safety. Regularly maintaining, repairing and maintaining the camera system to ensure stable and effective operation.

​​Reported by Mai Xuan- Translated by Thanh Tam

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