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Binh Duong is a typical example of the whole country in terms of social housing development for workers
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​PORTAL - That is the assessment of Hai Phong provincial delegation led by Mr. Le Tri Vu - Head of Commission for Mass Mobilization of Hai Phong City Party Committee at the visit and meeting with Binh Duong province on the development of industrial parks (IPs), social housing for workers took place on the morning of May 05, at the Convention and Exhibition Center of Binh Duong province.​

​Receiving and working with the delegation were Mr. Nguyen Van Danh - Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee (PPC); Mr. Bui Minh Tri - Head of Provincial Industrial Zones Authority and leaders of provincial departments and branches.

At the meeting, leaders of the Provincial Industrial Zones Authority, Department of Construction, Becamex IDC Corp briefly introduced the development of Binh Duong province during the past time, especially the development of industry and IPs in the province.


Overview of the meeting

Mr. Bui Minh Tri - Head of Provincial Industrial Zones Authority said that Binh Duong currently has 28 IPs in operation with a total natural land area of about 10,983ha. The IPs have completed construction with the infrastructure inside and outside the IPs being synchronously and modernly invested, creating favorable conditions for promoting investment attraction in the IPs. The occupancy rate of IPs in operation is about 84%, higher than the national average (76%). 100% of IPs put into operation have centralized wastewater treatment plants with a total treatment capacity of 191,200 m3/day, meeting environmental standards.

Besides developing IP infrastructure, Binh Duong is also interested in building social housing (SH) for workers. Typically, Becamex IDC Corp has been building thousands of SH units with reasonable prices for workers, creating consensus and attachment of workers to Binh Duong province. Mr. Pham Ngoc Thuan - General Director of Becamex IDC Corp said that, in order to create favorable conditions for people to live and work, Binh Duong province has paid special attention to developing the SH model in recent years. The project has been implemented very early by the province, helping hundreds of thousands of workers, low-income people, etc. have a home to settle down, and stabilize their lives.


Mr. Pham Ngoc Thuan - General Director of Becamex IDC Corp shares his experience in SH development

Being trusted and assigned responsibility by the Binh Duong PPC, Becamex IDC Corp is a pioneer in SH development in the locality. Becamex SH areas with green space are reasonably arranged, creating an airy environment, the blocks turn into groups of houses with a reasonable distance in space, suitable orientation. During the implementation of the project, the investor has made many flexible changes in the apartment design to better serve the people's needs. In addition to completing the internal infrastructure items, Becamex SH projects are connected to key traffic routes in the area, with a public bus route to serve the travel needs of SH residents. Essential services, amusement areas, parks, hospitals, schools, etc. are also fully invested in, meeting the learning and playing needs of workers' children, creating a dynamic, harmonious living environment. Becamex IDC is continuing to build 20,000 SH units in the next phase in VietSing area (Thuan An city); Dinh Hoa area (Thu Dau Mot city); My Phuoc area (Ben Cat Town); Bau Bang area (Bau Bang district) with an investment of about 9,500 billion VND, expected to put into use the first phase at the end of 2023.


A representative of Hai Phong Provincial Delegation speaks at the meeting


Mr. Le Trung Kien - Head of Hai Phong Economic Zone Authority speaks at the meeting

Discussing at the meeting, Hai Phong Economic Zone Authority highly appreciated the development of Binh Duong province, especially the model of SH development for workers, becoming a typical model of the whole country. The delegates were also interested in the development of Binh Duong's IP infrastructure; the leadership of the provincial government for the mechanisms and policies for the provincial IP development, etc.


Vice Chairman of Binh Duong PPC Nguyen Van Danh speaks to conclude the meeting

Concluding the meeting, Vice Chairman of Binh Duong PPC Nguyen Van Danh emphasized that the issues exchanged by Hai Phong City Delegation and Binh Duong provincial departments, committees and branches showed their enthusiasm for the common interests of workers. This is also a fundamental solution to attract human resources to meet the local development process. The Vice Chairman of the PPC suggested that the branches continue to share with Hai Phong city on how to implement according to Hai Phong city's opinion.

​Reported by Mai Xuan - Translated by Thanh Tam

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