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Changing mindset, overcoming challenges for Binh Duong to grow stronger
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​PORTAL - On the morning of March 31, at the Administrative Center of Binh Duong Province, the Provincial Party Committee held the 12th Conference of the 11th Binh Duong Provincial Party Executive Committee (expanded).

Attending were Mr. Nguyen Van Loi - Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Head of the Provincial Delegation of the National Assembly Deputies; Mr. Nguyen Hoang Thao – Permanent Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee; Mr. Vo Van Minh - Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee and comrades in the Provincial Party Committee's Executive Committee, leaders of departments, committees, braches, mass organizations, districts, towns and cities.

Overcoming the limitations pointed out by the Prime Minister

The conference briefed the results of the meeting of Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh with Binh Duong province on March 19, 2022. The Prime Minister acknowledged, commended and highly appreciated the creativity and determination of Binh Duong province in leading, directing and administering the implementation of the proposed tasks and highly appreciating the results of implementing tasks in the first quarter of 2022. The Prime Minister also pointed out five limitations Binh Duong needs to overcome. That is, the infrastructure, especially the transport infrastructure connecting the province and the inter-region, has not met the demand; social infrastructure, health care, education and culture are not commensurate with the general development of the province; the mobilization of non-state resources in socialization is still slow; the disbursement rate of public investment capital is low; Public Administration Performance Index (PAPI) is in the low group


Overview of the conference

The Prime Minister directed Binh Duong to focus on implementing key tasks for fast and sustainable development in the coming time. Accordingly, the province must prepare its posture, resources, response scenarios and follow up to flexibly adjust and adapt to the situation and possible situations. At the same time, being aware of the position, role and importance of Binh Duong for the Southeast region and the Southern key economic region, thereby adjusting policies to suit local conditions and actual situations. Continuing to thoroughly grasp and concretize in the spirit of self-reliance, self-strengthening, being stronger and more proactive in implementing the set goals and tasks set out in the Resolution of the 13th Party Congress, the Resolution of the 11th Provincial Party Congress. Effectively implementing the motto "Safe, flexible adaptation, effective control over the Covid-19 pandemic", creating a foundation for quick recovery and sustainable socio-economic development. At the same time, further promoting investment in building social infrastructure. Focusing on developing the industrial ecosystem towards green, smart, and sustainable, developing processing and manufacturing industries, improving the efficiency of attracting investment capital and applying science, technology, innovation and start-up for sustainable development, promoting green transformation, etc.

Inaugurating and commencing key projects in the second quarter of 2022

Regarding the situation of socio-economic development, national defense and security, Party building and political system construction in the first quarter of 2022, Mr. Nguyen Hoang Thao – Permanent Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, said that from the beginning of 2022, the Provincial Standing Party Committee has focused on directing the serious implementation of the plan for synchronous and effective economic recovery and development in association with the Covid-19 prevention and control program. Enterprises have actively adapted to the new situation, taking advantage of opportunities to restore production and business activities. The index of industrial production was estimated to increase by 7.2% over the same period. Binh Duong attracted 15,800 billion VND in domestic business registration capital and 1.7 billion USD in foreign investment capital. Total retail sales of goods and services were estimated at 66,290 billion VND, up 9.6% over the same period. Export turnover was estimated at 9 billion USD, up 9.8%; import turnover was estimated at 6 billion USD, up 0.2% over the same period.


Delegates attend the conference

The province has directed the timely and complete implementation of regimes and policies to take care of Tet for people with meritorious services, social policy beneficiaries, disadvantaged workers, poor households, people affected by the Covid-19 pandemic with a total budget of 1,025 billion VND. National defense and security work is maintained, completing 100% of the target of calling citizens to enlist in 2022, ensuring quality and quantity.

Party building and political system building have achieved many positive results. The mastery, study, and promulgation of the Implementation Plans of Conclusion no. 21-KL/TW and Regulations of the 4th Conference, the 13th Party Central Committee's Executive Committee ensures compliance with the Central Government's regulations.

Discussing at the conference, the delegates agreed on a number of specific tasks that need to be done right in the second quarter of 2022. That is to drastically focus on solutions to accelerate the disbursement of public investment capital, soon complete investment procedures to start, upgrade, expand and inaugurate a number of key projects (National Highway no. 13, Thu Bien - Dat Cuoc road, bridge connecting Tay Ninh - Binh Duong); deploy and install camera system for security monitoring and traffic management throughout the province; organize a scientific workshop to summarize the development model of Binh Duong in the renovation process; develop a project on administrative reform in the Party in the 2022-2026 period, etc..


Traffic works connecting the region create a driving force for the development of the province

Regarding the progress of key traffic projects, according to Mr. Nguyen Anh Minh - Director of the Department of Transport, the project of upgrading and expanding National Highway no. 13 is being accelerated, in the first quarter of 2022, it will be completed to begin construction from Tu Do intersection to Le Hong Phong on the upcoming April 30. The project of Ring Road 3 - Ho Chi Minh City is coordinated by localities to complete the procedures to submit to the Politburo for comments before submitting to the National Assembly for approval. The province has also actively implemented steps to prepare for investment in the Ho Chi Minh City - Thu Dau Mot - Chon Thanh expressway project, the Ring Road 4, etc.

Accelerating the planning work

Speaking at the conference, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Nguyen Van Loi welcomed and praised the efforts of the entire political system and the contributions of the enterprise community and people from all walks of life to the common achievements of the province. The Secretary requested, branches and levels continue to focus on the Covid-19 prevention and control; comprehensively increase investment in human resources and equipment to improve the quality of the health system from the province to the grassroots; urgently put into operation the 1,500-bed hospital; and at the same time overcome the backlogs and shortcomings in the procurement of medicine and medical equipment. The Secretary emphasized, it is necessary to seriously grasp and immediately overcome the limitations and weaknesses that the Prime Minister and Ministries have pointed out at the meeting with the province. Advising and promulgating policies to attract human resources, digital transformation, building a Smart City, and relocating industrial parks from the South to the North of the province. Drastically directing site clearance and disbursement of public investment capital, regularly directing and inspecting key projects: Ring Roads 3, 4, expanding National Highway no. 13, Ho Chi Minh City - Thu Dau Mot - Chon Thanh Expressway; diversifying investment forms. Strengthening state management of budget revenue and expenditure, striving for budget revenue to exceed VND 10,000 billion by 2022 compared to the set target; soon studying the decentralization of revenue and expenditure management to create conditions for localities and public non-business units to have financial autonomy. In particular, it is necessary to speed up the planning work for the 2021-2030 period, with a vision to 2050; in April 2022, the selection of a consultant must be completed.


Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Nguyen Van Loi speaks at the conference

Along with that, continuing to pay attention to investment in socio-cultural fields (health, education, culture, etc.); taking good care of the material and spiritual life of the people. Strengthening the promotion of Binh Duong's image and brand, contributing to attracting investment. Ensuring security and order, especially security among workers; fighting and suppressing all kinds of crimes; immediately promoting the the project of traffic security cameras. Consolidating and consolidating the entire organizational structure and personnel planning to ensure the principles of democratic centralism, transparency, fairness, objectivity, and common interests.

"The results achieved in 2021 and the first 3 months of 2022 are very important, however, all levels and branches must absolutely not be complacent, sleeping on the "laurel wreath", but on the contrary must try to change their thinking, overcome difficulties and challenges to build Binh Duong to develop more strongly, to meet the expectations of the Central Government, previous generations and the people of the province." -  The Secretary advised gently.

The conference also thoroughly grasped the Politburo's Regulation no. 50-QD/TW dated December 27, 2021 on personnel planning and a number of related contents; approved the Proposal for comments on adjusting and supplementing the working regulation of the 11th Provincial Party Committee, 2020-2025 tenure.

On this occasion, Binh Duong Provincial Party Committee presented the 30-year Party membership badge to Mr. Nguyen Hoang Thao – Permanent Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, currently is doing activities at the Party Committee of the Provincial Party Committee's Office and Mr. Ho Quang Diep - Member of the Provincial Standing Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial Party Committee's Inspection Committee, currently is doing activities in the Party Committee of the Provincial Party Committee's Inspection Committee.


Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Nguyen Van Loi and Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Vo Van Minh present the Party Badges and flowers to comrades

Reported by Phuong Chi- Translated by Thanh Tam​




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