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Binh Duong: Organizing direct teaching depending on the pandemic level and vaccination schedule for students
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​PORTAL - On the morning of October 20, at the Administrative Center of Binh Duong province, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Vo Van Minh chaired a meeting to listen to the Department of Education and Training (ET) report on the teaching and learning plan for the 2021-2022 school year in new normal.

​​Attending were Mr. Nguyen Loc Ha - Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee and leaders of a number of departments, committees and branches. The meeting was online to 09 bridge points of districts, towns and cities.

Proposing teaching and learning plan according to pandemic level

At the meeting, the Department of ET reported and proposed a plan to implement teaching and learning activities for the 2021-2022 school year according to pandemic level specified in Resolution no. 128/NQ-CP dated October 11, 2021 of the Government. Accordingly, for localities at level 1, it is expected that high school students will return to school from the beginning of November 2021. Specifically, from November 01, 2021, grade 12 will begin to study directly; from November 15, students in grades 10 and 11 will return to face-to-face classes. Particularly, secondary school students (grades 6,7,8,9) study directly from November 29. For localities at level 2, it is expected that grade 12 students will return to school from November 29, 2021; grades 10 and 11 from December 13 and students of grades 6, 7, 8, and 9 from January 03, 2021. Primary school students will continue to learn online and learn on television. For preschool children, the school cooperates with the parents to take care of the children.

For localities at level 3 and level 4, organizing online teaching and learning on television for high school students. The school cooperates with parents to take care of preschool children. The organization of face-to-face teaching will change depending on the vaccination schedule for students aged 12-17 and the pandemic level.



Overview of the meeting

Resolution no. 128/NQ-CP classifies 4 pandemic levels: Level 1 (low risk corresponds to green), level 2 (medium risk corresponds to yellow), level 3 (high risk corresponds to orange) and level 4 (very high risk corresponds to red). However, at present, Binh Duong has not classified the pandemic level. According to Mr. Nguyen Hong Chuong - Director of the Department of Health, the province does not classify the pandemic level according to the provincial and district units, but classifies the risk to the commune, ward and quarter and hamlet levels. It is expected that on Thursday (October 21), districts, towns and cities will specifically classify for units of communes, wards, quarters and hamlets in the area and on every Thursday will continuously update the pandemic level according to the actual situation. Mr. Chuong said that the vaccination for students in the province will be carried out as soon as there are instructions from the Ministry of Health.

Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Pham Van Bay - Vice Chairman of Di An City People's Committee said that the city is agreeing on the classification of pandemic level in the area. To prepare for the new school year, the city has handed over 32 schools being requisitioned as quarantine facilities, and at the same time carried out cleaning, disinfecting and repairing facilities, striving to be completed by November 15 for high school students to return to face-to-face learning. According to Mr. Bay, Di An city borders Dong Nai and Ho Chi Minh City, so the risk of pandemic spread is high when students return to school. Therefore, it is recommended that the province continue to discuss with the Ministry of Health soon to have a vaccine to give students peace of mind to return to school.

Ensuring safety for pandemic prevention and control

As reported by the Department of ET, at the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year, the province has 728 schools (including 392 public schools and 336 non-public schools, an increase of 9 schools compared to the previous school year) with a total of 464,251 students. Due to the complicated development of the Covid-19 pandemic, the branch has implemented online teaching and learning from September 2021 to present.

To ensure safety and peace of mind for students to return to school, Deputy Director of the Department of ET Nguyen Van Phong said that the ET branch will closely coordinate with localities to grasp the pandemic situation in the area and strictly implement pandemic prevention and control when students return to school as follows: Disinfecting, cleaning the classroom once a week; wearing a mask when going to school and during school hours, measuring body temperature; preparing hand sanitizer and place to wash hands for teachers and students; improving the quality of school health work, ensuring food safety and hygiene. At the same time, reviewing and grasping the situation of students and students' parents in matters related to the Covid-19 pandemic such as: Health declaration, contact history, movement, health status, transportation to school, etc.



Ensuring safety for pandemic prevention and control when students return to school

According to Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Loc Ha, the Ministry of Health has had specific instructions on vaccination for students, however, the Health branch must coordinate with the ET branch to prepare a plan to vaccinate students as soon as there is a policy. In the repair of facilities, immediately, the safety criteria for pandemic prevention and control must be ensured, and then gradually decorate the schools and classrooms to be green - clean - beautiful. At the same time, mobile medical stations and local health stations must coordinate with schools to prepare a quick response plan when detecting F0 in schools.

Concluding the meeting, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Vo Van Minh acknowledged the contribution of the Education branch in the province's Covid-19 prevention and control; schools that were requisitioned as concentrated quarantine areas, teachers and staff of the ET branch volunteered to participate in the fight against the pandemic. The Chairman asked districts, towns and cities to assess the pandemic level and identify risk areas to update the Covid-19 map, thereby serving as a basis for teaching and learning. Reviewing and preparing vaccination plans for students, 2nd dose for teachers. Actively repairing, ensuring facilities for teaching and learning, and gradually making green, clean and beautiful decorations.

The Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee basically agreed with the proposed plan of the Department of ET on the teaching and learning plan for the 2021-2022 school year and will continue to adjust according to the pandemic situation. Besides, the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee also noted that the province is gradually recovering the economy, factories are operating again, so workers and employees have the need to send their children to work. The ET branch needs to pay attention to this fact and actively develop a plan for teaching and learning preschool to create conditions for workers and employees to return to work with peace of mind.

Reported by Phuong Chi-Translated by Nguyen Trang​

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