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Fixing common errors on PC-Covid app
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PORTAL - After the 4.0.4 update is available, the PC-Covid app is assessed to be stable, fixing problems such as slow OTP codes, QR codes that can reveal personal information, and faulty health declarations, etc. PC-Covid currently has some errors on vaccination certification, wrong personal information, but users can actively edit and send feedback.

In the latest version, PC-Covid has updated the new feature to hide personal QR codes. Users go to settings on PC-Covid app, select "Hide information on QR".

The National Center for Technology for Covid-19 Prevention and Control - PC-Covid operator said that because the system has just upgraded and there are some small errors that lose information displayed on the user's device, but the error has been fixed. Up to now, basic vaccination data has been synchronized and linked with apps such as the Electronic Health Book. The remaining cases are mainly due to incorrect provision, lack of information when injecting, or the injection facility has not updated data, etc. This issue is being fixed.

People who do not have a vaccination certificate even though they have received 1-2 doses of the vaccine can fix it by: Update to the latest version of PC-Covid; check personal information, ensure data match on the Electronic health book app. In case the app has recorded the injections but then lost, the user can provide the phone number in the feedback section for assistance in updating the certificate.

In case personal information is wrong, users can go to QR code management -> Edit QR code -> Edit personal information and update the wrong information, then press the "Save" key.

If the location QR cannot be scanned on PC-Covid, it is necessary to check if this is the country location QR code generated on or on the PC-Covid app. In case the QR code is valid, the user can check the PC-Covid update again or submit a feedback.

The problem of not receiving the OTP code sent to the phone number has been fixed on version 4.0.4. If there is still a problem at this stage, the user can review the status of sending and receiving SMS of the device with errors, using software or strange SMS blocking features, whether the sim card is working normally or not.

Some people reported on the Android app that, even with close contact detection turned off, the app still sends notifications on; it is not possible to delete or edit the location QR code when it is newly created even though a scan has not been generated.

PC-Covid is an app that unifies many features of Covid-19 prevention and control, integrated and developed on the basis of technology and data of many previous pandemic prevention apps, providing social support in the "new normal". Key features of the app: Issuance and management of personal and location QR codes, QR code scanning, Health declaration, Domestic movement declaration, People's feedback, Vaccination information, Testing information, Covid-19 information card, Close contact tracing, Movement density, Infection trends, Risk map, etc.

Since September 30, the PC-Covid app has been available on the Apple Store and Google Play Store. For Smartphone users who have pre-installed Bluezone app, they will be updated directly to PC-Covid and synchronize old data, no need to re-enter personal information. In case Bluezone is not installed on the phone, users need to download the PC-Covid app on the Apple Store (for iPhone users) and on CH Play (for Android phone users); log in to register for an account with the information that is the phone number you are using so that the system can generate an OTP security authentication code.

Reported by Phuong Chi-Translated by Nguyen Trang

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