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Tetra Pak invests an additional 5 million euros to expand the factory in Binh Duong
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​PORTAL - Tetra Pak Company will invest an additional 5 million euros in a carton packaging material factory in Binh Duong, affirming its belief in the Covid-19 prevention and control and the economic recovery of Binh Duong in particular and Vietnam in general.

​​The new investment is expected to increase the factory's annual output from the current 11.5 billion carton packages to 16.5 billion carton packages, meeting the growing demand for sterilized carton packages in the country and region. In addition, the factory will be equipped with more equipment to produce high-grade carton packages to replace imported goods.

The upgrade investment also includes the installation of 2,300 solar panels on the roof of the factory. This is an effort to completely eliminate greenhouse gas emissions from the entire factory operation by 2030.

Mr. Eliseo Barcas - General Director of Tetra Pak Vietnam said: "This additional investment of 5 million euros demonstrates our belief in the strong recovery of the Vietnamese economy after the pandemic. It will help us better serve our customers as capacity increases, offer more attractive carton packages, while minimizing environmental impact."


Tetra Pak invests an additional 5 million euros to expand the factory in Binh Duong

When the 4th Covid-19 pandemic wave broke out in Binh Duong, Tetra Pak was one of the factories that implemented the on-the-spot working and living regime to protect employees and maintain production activities. All essential living services such as air conditioning, food, hygiene, medical assistance, gym, sports and entertainment facilities have been arranged and fully equipped by Tetra Pak Binh Duong to ensure the health, mental and physical health for about 260 employees of the factory.

Tetra Pak factory in Vietnam - Singapore II-A Industrial Park (Tan Uyen town, Binh Duong province) was put into operation in mid-2019, being the first factory in Vietnam and the 8th factory of Tetra Pak Group (Sweden) in the Asia Pacific region. The factory specializes in producing sterilized carton packages for the domestic market and exporting to countries in ASEAN, Australia and New Zealand. In 2020, the Tetra Pak factory in Binh Duong received the LEED Gold certification – the most rigorous version 4, helping the factory save 17.6 million liters of water, reuse and recycle 65% of waste and reduce emissions of 4,000 tons of CO2 into the environment each year. In the first 9 months of 2021, Tetra Pak Vietnam achieved a growth rate of nearly 14% over the same period last year.

Reported by Phuong Chi-Translated by Nguyen Trang

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