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Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam: Binh Duong needs to control pandemic in the earliest way to bring people's lives back to normal
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​PORTAL - In the afternoon of September 16, at the Hall of Thu Dau Mot city Party Committee, the Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam had a meeting with the Steering Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control of Binh Duong Province on the pandemic prevention and control in the new normal.

​​Receiving and working with the Deputy Prime Minister were Mr. Nguyen Van Loi - Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Head of the Provincial Steering Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control; Mr. Vo Van Minh - Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee; leaders of some departments, branches and Thu Dau Mot city.

Striving to green the entire area

Reporting to the Delegation, Mr. Vo Van Minh said that currently, Binh Duong has 6/9 districts, towns and cities that are already "green zones" (accounting for 66.6%) including: Bac Tan Uyen, Phu Giao, Bau Bang, Dau Tieng, Thu Dau Mot City and Ben Cat Town. There are 72/91 commune-level units in the "green zone", accounting for 9.12%, and 08/91 commune-level units in the "red zone", the rate of 8.79%; 07/91 commune-level units are in the "yellow zone", the rate of 7.69%; 04/91 commune-level units are in the "orange zone", the rate of 4.4%. There are 481/598 quarters and hamlets in the "green zone", the rate of 80.04%, and 46/598 units are in the "red zone", the rate of 7.6%; 22/598 belongs to the "orange zone", the rate of 3.7%; 49/598 belongs to the "yellow zone", the rate of 8.3%.



Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam discusses with leaders of the province and Thu Dau Mot city about solutions to green the entire area

Up to now, it has established 51 mobile medical stations in 26 "red zone" communes and wards; 90 mobile medical stations in the "green zone".

In the coming time, in order to completely control the pandemic, the province will focus on directing more rapid testing in "areas, zones, locations: red, orange, yellow" for all people. By September 20, 2021, it must complete the testing and separation of F0 from the community. Quarantining F1 at home, place of residence, industrial parks, and concentrated production places where carry out "3 on-the-spot" and periodic testing according to instructions. Implementing home quarantine for asymptomatic F0 cases.

Overview of the meeting

Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Nguyen Van Loi added that the province is determined to test and separate all F0 from the community; shrink field hospitals in the coming time and consider the plan of home quarantine under close medical supervision. Continuing to lock down the "red locations, red zones", from now until September 20, all forces will be mobilized to "hit" the pandemic center. In the coming time, people will be guided to self-test at home. Regarding vaccination, the Secretary said that currently, Binh Duong has about 2.67 million people eligible for vaccination, so far, the coverage rate of the 1st dose of vaccine has not reached 100%, the age group 12-18 has not been vaccinated. The Secretary proposed to the Government and the Ministry of Health to prioritize the allocation of vaccines to Binh Duong so that the people can be vaccinated with 2 doses and achieve community immunity.

Minimizing the death rate

According to Assoc.Prof.Dr.MD. Nguyen Lan Hieu - Director of Hanoi Medical University Hospital, it is necessary to change the way of fighting the pandemic, there is a need for radical solutions, going deep into the roots, thoroughly solving the problem to reduce the number of deaths. Previously, we implemented centralized quarantine with 02 purposes: Reducing deaths in the community and limiting cases of infection. Currently, the death rate in the province has decreased because the number of Covid-19 cases is decreasing and people have been vaccinated. In the case of newly symptomatic F0 cases being treated at medical facilities, asymptomatic F0 cases should be quarantined at home to reduce pressure on the field hospital. Continuing testing the pooled samples in "green zone" areas, especially in the boarding houses, areas with a lot of workers to maintain the results of these areas.

Sharing the same view as the quarantine of asymptomatic F0 at home, Major General Vo Minh Luong - Deputy Minister of National Defense highly appreciated this plan of Binh Duong. At the same time, he suggested that Binh Duong continue to promote mobile medical stations in communes, wards and commune-level towns, prepare full equipment to take care of F0. Considering an inter-tier treatment plan at field hospitals and quarantine areas to promptly treat severe cases. Once greening areas, it is necessary to persist in testing and control to prevent the pandemic from spreading into these areas.


Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam concludes the meeting

Concluding the meeting, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam highly appreciated the treatment of Binh Duong province. According to the Deputy Prime Minister, currently, the death rate from Covid-19 in the province is low, the province tries to continue to reduce the death rate to the lowest level. The Deputy Prime Minister suggested that Binh Duong focus all resources on pandemic control as soon as possible to bring people's lives back to normal. The Deputy Prime Minister assessed that Binh Duong is a locality where vaccination is quite fast, although the implementation is a bit late, but so far, it has injected more than 2 million doses for people, the Government will ask the Ministry of Health to prioritize the distribution of vaccines to the province. The loosening of social distancing in the "green zone" localities must ensure pandemic safety. As for the restoration of economic activities, especially essential services, according to the Deputy Prime Minister, if it is safe, allowing to reopen. The Deputy Prime Minister also praised Binh Duong's "3 green" model in enterprise operations. It is recommended that the Health branch guide asymptomatic F0 to quarantine at home, the medical staff closely monitor to promptly transfer patients to the hospital for treatment when severe changes occur. Paying attention to policies and protective gear for medical staff, doctors and frontline forces participating in the fight against the pandemic. The Deputy Prime Minister hoped that by September 20, the province will completely control the pandemic in the "red zones, red locations" to turn to the "green zones", bringing people's lives back to the new normal.

Reported by Mai Xuan - Translated by Nguyen Trang

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