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Binh Duong is ready for operation plan in the new normal
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​PORTAL - On the afternoon of September 13, at the Administrative Center of Binh Duong province, an online conference was held to summarize the Covid-19 prevention and control in the province. Mr. Nguyen Van Loi - Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Head of the Provincial Steering Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control chaired the conference.

​​Attending were Mr. Nguyen Hoang Thao – Permanent Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee; Mr. Vo Van Minh - Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, members of the Ministry of Health's Working Group, members of the Provincial Standing Party Committee.

The conference was online to the bridge points of districts, towns, cities, communes, wards and commune-level towns throughout the province.

Not being negligent and subjective when loosening the distancing

Speaking at the conference, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Nguyen Van Loi said that the conference aims to evaluate the results of pandemic prevention and control in the past time, at the same time, listen to the opinions of delegates and experts to determine tasks and solutions in the coming time, creating a premise and a solid basis for the entire political system to be determined and united to fight the pandemic.

According to the report, as of September 12, 2021, Binh Duong had 157,064 community infections in 9/9 districts, towns and cities, 108,663 recovered patients and 1,388 deaths. Facing the complicated development of the pandemic, the province has synchronously implemented many solutions, proactively prepared coping plans, applied measures for pandemic prevention and control at a higher level and quickly and flexibly handled situations.

Binh Duong applied social distancing measures consistent with the pandemic situation in each locality. The "green zone" localities are loosened distancing but cautious, strict, step by step and ensure safety. The province has organized speedy testing, shortening the testing cycle to ensure early detection, quick quarantine, separation of F0 from the community and timely collection and appropriate treatment classification. The treatment stratification follows a 3-tier model to reduce the load on provincial facilities, and at the same time, coordinate F0 among 3 tiers (tier 1 accounts for 80%, tier 2 accounts for 15% and tier 3 accounts for 5%). Strengthening mobile medical stations in communes, wards and commune-level towns so that people can access healthcare as quickly as possible. At the same time, speeding up the vaccination schedule, ensuring timely, safe and effective vaccination in communes, wards and commune-level towns to create community immunity.

Overview of the conference

Speaking at the conference, Assoc.Prof.Dr.MD. Nguyen Lan Hieu highly appreciated the treatment of Covid-19 patients according to the 3-tier tower model of Binh Duong. According to him, most of the quarantine areas on tier 1 have complied with the instructions of the Department of Health. The number of patients for collection on tier 1 decreased, the number of patients with severe symptoms was less than before. Up to now, 12 quarantine areas on tier 1 have stopped working, which is a good sign. According to Mr. Nguyen Lan Hieu, in areas where 10% of F0 is detected, it is considered a red zone, focusing on localizing and locking down to continue testing and medical care. Each locality needs to prepare 4-5 quarantine areas that act as "fortresses" at the facility to collect patients on the tier 1. For tier 2, the dealth rate decreased, especially at Thuan An Medical Center. At the same time, it is suggested that Ben Cat Town should improve the effectiveness of treatment at the town's Medical Center. Besides, the death rate on the tier 3 has decreased markedly in recent days. The problem the province needs to focus on right now is to prepare personnel of medical staff and doctors for the tier 3 to "fill up" when the support force completes their tasks.

According to Mr. Nguyen Loc Ha - Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, in the coming time, the province will continue to implement synchronous solutions under the direction of the Government and the Prime Minister with the motto of taking communes and wards as "fortresses", people as "soldiers", serving centers and subjects of pandemic prevention and control; implement pandemic prevention and control under the "4 on the spot" motto with the with common spirit and principles: Strict distancing is a fundamental, important and decisive issue; social security on the spot is an important and regular measure to ensure people feel secure in their places; testing is a key measure to identify the source of infection and remove F0 from the community; reducing deaths is a top priority; vaccine is a long term strategy.

Ensuring health human resources, preparing operation plan after September 15

At the conference, the delegates discussed and exchanged solutions to bring socio-economic activities back to normal under new conditions from September 15, 2021, including medical activities, circulation, business and commerce, ensuring security and order, etc. in order to gradually bring back activities safely.

Talking about the solution to "live together" safely with the Covid-19 pandemic, Mr. Nguyen Hong Chuong - Director of the Department of Health said that the Department has developed a plan to deploy medical activities after September 15, 2021 in the province. However, the most important solution is still strictly implementing 5K. The Ministry of Health will continue to distribute vaccines to the province to vaccinate 100% of people aged 18 and over, aiming to create community immunity.

Mr. Bui Duy Hien - Secretary of the Ben Cat Town Party Committee said that more than 80% of the town's new infections were detected in the lockdown area. Compared to 1 month ago, Ben Cat town no longer has "red zone" communes and wards. There is still an "orange zone" which is My Phuoc ward. The other two "red locations" are Quarter 4, My Phuoc ward and Quarter 6, Thoi Hoa ward, which are strictly controlled for every road, with 7,400 people. Preparing for the "new normal" phase, the town develops a plan to restore production, commercial and service activities, the movement of people and the operation of the political system. Ben Cat implemented pandemic control by distancing measures, vaccinating 100% of people aged 18 and over, testing the entire population periodically or 1,3,5 for "red locations".

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tam - Chairman of Thuan An City People's Committee said that the city has established 16 mobile medical stations in 04 "red zone" wards. Currently, Thuan An city has the support of 103 Military Hospital, 1st Military Region along with forces in place of the city. By September 15, more Medical stations will be built in "green zone" wards. In the coming time, the city will focus on improving the sampling capacity and preparing the forces in place when the support forces gradually withdraw.

Mr. Duong Chi Nam - Deputy Director of the Health Environment Management Agency, Ministry of Health assessed that the province's death rate from Covid-19 was very low. According to him, the implementation of Directive 16 should be gradually narrowed down and applied on a small scale to begin to gradually restore socio-economic activities. He proposed, when loosening the distancing, it must strictly implement 5K, food and drink stores only sell for take-out; markets must strictly enforce social distancing. Urging the establishment of Covid-19 Groups at boarding houses to support mobile medical stations. Providing a full range of test kits for commune, ward and commune-level town health stations; instructing people to self-take samples for testing at home. Requesting the province to review and make a list of people aged 12-18, make a contingency plan to vaccinate when there is a policy of the Central Government. In addition, guiding enterprises to prevent and control pandemic in industrial parks. Replicating mobile medical stations from the model of Tan Uyen Town, Thuan An City; managing workers by specialized software. The province must also immediately prepare the student force of Binh Duong Medical College to gradually replace the force of Hai Duong Medical College that is about to complete the task.



Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Nguyen Van Loi speaks at the conference

Speaking to direct at the conference, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Nguyen Van Loi highly appreciated and recognized the efforts and try and respectfully thanked all levels, branches, support forces and frontline forces throughout the province during the past time. As a result, the province has achieved remarkable initial results in pandemic prevention and control. This is the cheering, encouragement and belief for the province to implement the task in the coming time more effectively. Emphasizing that the task of protecting people's health is important, first and foremost, the Secretary asked localities to strengthen the medical team, ensure human resources, mobilize retired doctors and nurses to participate in medical care at mobile medical stations to serve the fastest people right at the facility. The Secretary requested the branches and localities to complete the plan to prepare the operation plans after September 15, 202. When loosening the distancing, where is negligent, subjective, causing the outbreak of pandemic again, the head of the party executive committee and the government must take responsibility. The Secretary believed that, with the experience and efforts of all branches and levels, the help of experts, support units and the consensus of the people, Binh Duong will return to the normal in a safe and successful new condition.

Reported by Phuong Chi-Translated by Nguyen Trang

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