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Depicting the "public servants" of the people in the Covid-19 prevention and control in Binh Duong
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​PORTAL - In recent days, authorities at all levels in Binh Duong have strongly promoted their role in the Covid-19 prevention and control. The Steering Committees for Covid-19 prevention and control from provincial to commune levels have mobilized all their forces, devoted themselves to work, determined to control and repel the pandemic, and soon return to normal life.

Government in action

What we have witnessed in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic in Binh Duong is that many forces have defied difficulties and dangers to rush to the front lines of pandemic prevention and control. That is the image of the leaders who did not mind day and night, rain or shine, going to the pandemic center to promptly lead and direct the pandemic prevention and control.

The night has fallen, but at the headquarters of the People's Committee of Lai Thieu ward, Thuan An city, it is still bustling with electric lights, the ward's cadres and public employees are still busy cooking, wrapping the vegetables, tubers, fruits, instant noodles, face masks, etc. to supply quarantine and lockdown areas. The urgent and highly focused appearance of the leaders of Lai Thieu ward reminds me of Uncle Ho's teaching words: "Each party member and cadre must be truly imbued with revolutionary morality, truly thrifty, integrity, just and impartial. We must keep our Party pure and worthy of being a leader and a faithful servant of the people." Indeed, in these days, wherever you go, you will see images of cadres from the provincial to grassroots levels straining against the pandemic. Thereby depicting and highlighting the image of Binh Duong cadres, civil servants and public employees dedicated to the people. They are doing everything they can, together with the forces on duty in the treatment areas, quarantine areas, lockdown areas to control, repel the pandemic and take care of the people.


TA 3 (1).jpg 

Binh Duong always wishes for the cooperation and contribution from all classes of people to support people in quarantine and lockdown areas.  ​

In an urgent voice, Mr. Pham Phu Nam - Secretary of the Party Committee of Lai Thieu Ward, Thuan An City shared, faced with the complicated situation of the pandemic, the ward has mobilized the entire political system to participate in propaganda, mobilization and reminding people in quarters and boarding houses, especially in Lai Thieu market area to strictly observe the social distancing period according to Directive no. 16 and strictly handle violations. Currently, the ward has established groups such as: Tracing group, logistics group, inspection and handling group, etc. In general, the groups are operating stably, always in a ready position when there is a task. "As for the logistics team, so far, it has mobilized resources to support essential items such as vegetables, tubers, fruits, rice, sugar, fish sauce and other necessary items worth over 1 billion VND to promptly support households in quarantine and lockdown areas. People in quarantine and lockdown areas receiving gifts and support goods are very emotional and grateful for the hearts of philanthropists"- Mr. Nam said.

BD 2.jpg 

Binh Duong's militias are on duty all night in quarantine areas

Over the past few days, authorities at all levels in Binh Duong have acted strongly and decisively with the determination to soon repel the pandemic, stabilize production and return people's lives to normal. In Di An ward, Di An city, most of the key cadres from the ward to the quarter cadres have to take turns on duty 24/24. In a short while, the phone of Mr. Vo Tuong Van, - Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman of the Ward People's Committee rang again. After listening to the phone call, Mr. Van immediately talked to us and continued to handle the work. He shared: "In the past few days, the whole ward has mobilized all efforts but still cannot do all the work due to the high number of F0 cases related to the infection chain at Di An market. Although it is difficult and very tiring, the entire force of the ward is still determined to take F0 out of the community; propagandize and remind people not to be negligent and subjective, and raise a sense of community responsibility."

The "public servants" of the people

Many times visiting the grassroots, we have witnessed that the role of the head of the Party Executive Committee has been maximized in the pandemic prevention and control. Specifically in Tan Dong Hiep ward, Di An city, Mr. Vo Van Giau - Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman of the Ward People's Committee continuously directed through the Zalo group of the ward, signed directive documents on pandemic prevention and control. He also took advantage of his own car to transport many necessary items to the rapid test points and quarantine areas to promptly support the team on pandemic prevention and control tasks.

TAllchongdich 2.jpg 

Binh Duong government always pay attention to and support the forces working in pandemic prevention and control

Mr. Vo Van Giau shared that in the past few days, the number of F0 cases in the ward has highly increased. Every time there is a new case of Covid-19, the Standing Party Committee and Steering Committee for Covid-19 prevention and control of the ward urgently direct the forces to quickly deploy, localize, quell the pandemic, trace F1, F2 for quick quarantine; assign responsibilities to each member of the Standing Party Committee, leaders of the People's Committee who are in charge to inspect, urge and direct the handling of violations and arising situations. Along with that, the whole ward has "activated" all groups serving the Covid-19 prevention and control in the area, including 272 community Covid-19 Groups of the ward working with the highest determination to control and repel the pandemic.  



Binh Duong will quickly test the entire population to take F0 out of the community

All levels and branches always determine the leadership, direction and organization of implementation of tasks to prevent and control the Covid-19 pandemic during the period of social distancing according to Directive no. 16 of the Prime Minister is the most important task, contributing to the successful implementation of the "dual goal" in Binh Duong province. The cadres and party members in the political system from the province to the grassroots have worked wholeheartedly and dedicatedly, deserving to be "public servants" of the people. We believe that, with the spirit of commitment for the people, the strong participation of the entire political system, the pandemic in Binh Duong will soon be controlled to bring life back to normal, meeting the expectations of the people, the enterprise community and the trust of the Central Government.

Currently, the People's Council of Binh Duong province is developing a Resolution regulating policies to support the community Covid-19 Groups. The purpose is to encourage and improve the responsibility of the community Covid-19 Groups in the process of participating in the Covid-19 prevention and control, contributing to Binh Duong province to win the Covid-19 pandemic.

 Reported by Ho Van - Translated by Nguyen Trang

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